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Registered: ‎03-15-2017
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I just purchase a BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray player specifically for watching a DVD box set that is PAL format.


I made the purchase confident that the player would support PAL after reading the product specifications on the website. It reads "NTSC / PAL    YES / YES". However, upon attempting to play a PAL DVD, it presents the "Unsupported Color Format" message.


Digging deeper, the S3700's specifications on Sony's "eSupport" website state that it is NTSC only.


Why do the specs not aggree, and what can I do to get a player that will support the PAL format? Does Sony even offer a player that will allow us to play PAL DVD's here in the US?



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Registered: ‎03-15-2017
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Re: BDP-S3700 PAL / NTSC

SONY, can you answer this?
I submitted the same questions to eSupport a few days ago. No response.
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Re: BDP-S3700 PAL / NTSC

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Re: BDP-S3700 PAL / NTSC

I'm afraid you are out of luck. The website info is wrong. The player only supports NTSC compatible formats and HD resolutions used in the USA. The marketing specs posted on esupport are correct though:


  • NTSC/PAL (60Hz/50Hz): Yes (NTSC only)
If you want a true Sony PAL/NTSC player you'll need to look online. There are various companies that can do this modification to the players. Not all will actually do the conversion from PAL to NTSC though, so you'll need to check with them.

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