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Blu-Ray - General

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Registered: ‎12-26-2012


My Sony BDP-S560 drive makes noise from vibration. I can feel the vibration. It is affecting its ability to play DVD's and Blu-Ray discs. The drive model is BPX-4, Manufactured in August 2009. Where can I get a replacement drive?

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Hello David,
Welcome to the Sony Community.

What is the exact issue caused while playing the BD and DVD discs due to the vibration in the BD player? Generally, all power adapters or transformers will make a humming or buzzing sound to some degree. However, if this sound is excessively loud, then the issue could be caused by either a problem with the transformer or the quality of the AC line voltage.
If the noise intensity varies at different times throughout the day, then the issue is most likely due to the quality of the AC supply voltage in your area. Otherwise, the transformer may be faulty.

If it is the case that the transformer is faulty, then it may be required to send the player for service. It is not recommended to replace the transformer on your own as it is not safe. Use the following link to setup a repair for your BD player.

Thank you for your post.