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Registered: ‎08-03-2017
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BDP-S6500 Stream Lag and Freezing

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I am sorry that this has to be my first post, but I am having some very frustrating issues with this player specifically related to streaming services.


The problem:

The player will randomly stutter during playback, and freeze (note: This does not appear to be buffering! I mean it will FREEZE) To the point where the unit will not respond to commands from the remote. I can't stop stop the video, return to the home menu, or even turn off the unit. Sometimes it will recover and resume normal operation, but will then continue freezing and stuttering, and eventually will totally lock-up, requiring me to unplug the device to get it back to "normal" -- but if this is normal, then I would hate to see what "broken" looks like!


Also this only seems to happen during streaming from the video apps, not when playing BD's or when playing media off my own network server.


I have noticed this stuttering / freeze  / lock-up behavior from the following apps:

Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon VOD, PlayStation Video

All of which I have accounts on, so not being able to play my media on this device is just awful, since that was its main selling point for me.


Helpful Information:

- I have read other posts on this topic already and tried their solutions with no improvement

- This is not related to a single service (as mentioned above)

- The player is in a DMZ on my network, so firewalling is not in the way

- The player is a "prioritized device" in my router, making sure it never gets bottlenecked.

- The player temperature is not warm at all, so overheating doesn't seem to be a factor here.

- This can happen at any time of day, even off-hours , including after mid-night.


- I have noticed most other posts either try to blame the user's internet connection or the streaming service, but I can rule both of those out.


At the time of writing this, I am getting 90 Mbps down and 14 Mbps up,

And furthermore, I can successfully stream all of those services mentioned from both a laptop, and my phone, (which I did just to test) from the same room, and connected to the same Wifi Network... which tells me that my connection is fine, and so are the streaming services.


I have noticed the player's firmware is quite old, but still is the latest "up-to-date", so maybe Sony doesn't care about this player... but let me tell you, the last time this happened was when I had people over for a movie day -- and it was aggrivating enough to get this resolved, one way or another.


If anyone knows anything I haven't tried, I'd be grateful for the help. To me it looks like strictly an issue with the device; but go ahead and chime in if you think I'm wrong here.



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