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Re: Child Lock Issue

The manual I found online says to hold the play button on the player down for 10+ seconds to lock and unlock. Worked for me!
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Re: Child Lock Issue

Holding down the play button doesn't work for every model. And chances are it's going to lock up on you again and again, over and over. They need a permanent solution, not a workaround.
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Re: Child Lock Issue

Hi Phoongdan,


Please check the troubleshooting steps in the link below for further assistance.











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Re: Child Lock Issue

I have a BDP-S1700 with this issue purchased new 4 months ago, if we don't use it for a week or two, this child lock happens.

Store we got it from said to contact Sony, I did and tech walked me through unlocking it. Now it is locked up again for the 3rd time, Software update, resetting, and all of the steps recommended in this thread do not work now.


i have 6 Sony BD/DVD players in my house, among other A/V equipment and have been purchasing Sony since the 1990's. No more.....

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Re: Child Lock Issue



Welcome to the SONY Community!


We regret to hear that you are experiencing the child lock issue again. To isolate the problem, kindly perform the steps on how to unlock or disable the CHILD LOCK on the player. You may refer to the steps below:


For 2016 Blu-ray Disc players Follow these steps to lock on unlock the player.

  1. Using the supplied remote control, press and hold the STOP, HOME and TOP MENU buttons.
  2. When LOCKED or UNLOCKED appears on the display of the Blu-ray Disc player, release the buttons.

NOTE: If the you are unable to unlock the Blu-ray Disc player by following the steps above, make sure that the Blu-ray Disc player has the latest software update. Updates are available from the menu of the player or from this website. Software and driver updates for your Sony product are available online.


You may also access the link for additional steps:,47564,91700/c/65,66/kw/The%20disc%20....



If the issue persist after following the troubleshooting steps that we recommend, kindly send me a private message (PM) with your Event ID number or reference number of your previous call with SONY so we can review the file and let's see what we can be of assistance.






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Re: Child Lock Issue

Ive posted repeatedly re: child-lock issue re my 3500.  NONE of the Sony suggestions worked (same w/Sony community). After 6 months of repeated efforts, the dvd player started to develop other issues. Basically it was a $80 dvd player that worked about 5x, broke, never worked again. Until now,  almost every device (tv, gamer, dvd players, etc,) Ive bought has been Sony). But because Sony wouldnt offer any practical support once it became clear that my player and many other dvd players had many issues (e.g., they could have replaced it, offeried a good customer something for years of loyalty, whatever), so I went out and bought a Samsung dvd player. It works fine. If Sony starts treating its customers properly, MAYBE one day Ill return. Funny, no one from Sony ever contacted me despite months of contact here and directly to Sony. And Sony Community tried but it just didnt work, so I FINALLY THREW MY DVD PLAYER AWAY. $$$ down he drain. Sad state of affairs



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Re: Child Lock Issue

Meant 1500, not 3500

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