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Registered: ‎02-20-2016
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Re: Child Lock Issue

Erin, I appreciate all your suggestions but like most people say who respond again, none of them work (maybe the methods work for some and they dont bother to follow up on this site, but it seems like most people continue to have these problems). I finally got so disgusted with Sony (after being a constant Sony supporter for the last 25+ years) that I threw away the dvd player that I used only  3-4x. 

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Registered: ‎10-26-2016
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Re: Child Lock Issue

My event number is E64465193


here is a follow-up, the Blu-ray player locks up (child lock) every week or so, unplugging it for a week fixes it temporarily 


yesterday I had time so I called Sony back, I spent 37 minutes on with the first person, walking me through various fixes, etc with no success, I did think it was funny when she asked me to play a dvd, gee I can't because the tray won't OPEN!! 


was transferred to the second person who walked me through the exact same stuff the first person did, then the 2nd person has me try some firmware update which proceeded to fix nothing


I'm done, my wife asked me why I was spending all of this time and effort on something that costs less than $100, so its going in the trash, bye sony

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Registered: ‎02-20-2016
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Re: Child Lock Issue

Like your wife asked you, I repeatedly ask myself why Ive spent so much time trying to fix a DVD player <$100. The answer is Sony. I've been a loyal Sony customer for years so I figured there was either a cure to the child lock problem or Sony would step up and provide a solution to a bunch of ticked off customer over a $100 item. But they didn't.


So rather than buying several thousand dollars worth of Sony TVs and other appliances the past 2 yrs and over the next 5 yrs like I probably would have, I've bought $0 and will buy $ZERO. I hope Sony wakes up but I'm thru waiting (and since I doubt Sony will call me to apologize and come bearing gifts, I'll buy nothing from Sony (I even paid double,for non-Sony headphones at an airport store just bc I refused to buy Sony after this DVD fiasco. I rarely penalize myself by over-paying for an item just to take a stance against some company, but that's where I'm at with Sony.


Npw it's time to make help inform the world about the "Sony problem" by plastering it all over social media. 

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