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Blu-Ray - General

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How to play video with subtitles on blu ray systems?

i have a sony blu ray home theater system (model: BDV-E390). I am attempting to stream wirelessly to the system using either TVMOBILI or Serviio. I have gotten them both to work when playing normal .mkv files. However, for some reason on TVMOBILI, when i put subtitles, they all show up as ? marks! and on Serviio, after merge the subtitles with the movie, it says the file is unsupported or corrupt. Any ideas as to what the issue is or how to fix it?

and if you have any other ways to stream wirelessly, tell me!

i am also open to ideas about connecting the mac to the system using a usb or a hdmi cable and somehow also playing the audio with the systems speakers!

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Re: How to play video with subtitles on blu ray systems?

It seems that the subtitles format is in unsupported format. You can try videos with different subtitle format. Also, Subtitle (.srt file format) is not supported by the Digital Living Network Alliance server (DLNA).


You can connect Audio OUT of Computer to AUDIO IN port of the Home Theater System and can listen audio through it’s speakers.


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