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M04.R.788 Network update

My  BDP-BX57 is telling me there  is  an update available (M04.R.788)  but I  don't  see the update or any release notes for it on the Sony  Support website. I would like  to know what problems are addressed what functionality is added and whether this is a real update.

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Registered: ‎10-22-2013
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Re: M04.R.788 Network update

Below is the transcript of my chat session with eSupport provided for entertainment value only as it includes no useful information.


My BDP-BX57 is telling me there is an update available (M04.R.788) but I don't see the update or any release notes for it on your website. I would like to know what problems are addressed what functionality is added and whether this is a real uppdate.

11:29 AM Support session established with Lisa - (C5FJ).
11:29 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Hi . Welcome to Sony Online Support. My name is Lisa. I'll be glad to assist you please allow me a moment while I review your concern.
11:30 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Thank you for waiting.
11:31 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
I understand you are getting update message on your Player. Am I correct?
11:31 AM Customer:
Yes I am considering it
11:33 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Could you please let me know the current software version of your BD-Player?
11:34 AM Customer:
11:35 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Thank you for confirming.
11:36 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
I did check and see that your Player has the latest firmware installed, it does not require any latest updates.
11:37 AM Customer:
Please explain then whhy it is telling me there is an update available.
11:39 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
May I know whether you are getting this message when you play back discs or access any Internet services?
11:42 AM Customer:
I just turned the player on and a notice came up informing me that there was an update available. I had not yet tried to access anything. The player automatically connects to the internet at startup.
11:42 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
11:43 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Could you please conform when you have updated your BD-Player?
11:45 AM Customer:
I don't know for sure but it was at least several months ago possibly longer. Is there a way to tell for sure?
11:48 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
If any new firmware update is available for the Blu-ray Disc Player it will display a notification to install it.
11:48 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
This is a normal operation.
11:48 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
As you have already installed the firmware, you can ignore this notification.
11:49 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Additionally, you can set the Software Update Notification to OFF in the Player, to stop it to display the notification.
11:49 AM Customer:
So then its back to my original question. Whats in it? where are the release notes etc.
11:49 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
If the Software Update Notification is set to ON, the Player will display the notification about any available firmware versions.
11:50 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
The firmware update currently available for download from our eSupport website is M04.R.787.
11:51 AM Customer:
That mmuch I know. Is this update general release? If it is why can't I find any information about it on your website?
11:51 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Some of the firmware updates for the Blu-ray Disc Player are available only via Network Update method. Due to this reason some firmware update versions may not be listed on our eSupport website.
11:52 AM Customer:
Then why did you tell me that I was at the current release?
11:53 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Because we did not receive the information for that latest firmware which you are getting.
11:55 AM Customer:
Is there any way to get that information now? I do not want to be a beta teste, but at the same time I don't want to be using a versionn that has security issues and thus far I have not received much usable information.
11:57 AM Lisa - (C5FJ):
As we do not have this information at this time, it may take some time to receive this information in our Esupport.
11:59 AM Customer:
If I update annd don't like it is there a way to roll back to the previous version?
12:00 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
No, it is not possible to install the previous updates.
12:00 PM Customer:
When was the update released?
12:02 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Let me check that for you.
12:02 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Please bear with me.
12:04 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Thank you for waiting.
12:04 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
The updates that we have in our Esupport is M04.R.787. And it was released on 8/23/2011.
12:07 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Is there any thing else that I may assist you?
12:09 PM Customer:
You have't assisted me with anything thus far.12:10 PM Lisa - (C5FJ):
Thank you for contacting Sony Online support. Have a great hours ahead

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Re: M04.R.788 Network update

I too have a 57 which is indicating that an upgrade is available to version 788 and was hoping to see sony update their support page. The longer i wait, the more i am wondering if this is some kind of hack. Sony's support seems to know nothing and is unwilling to do anything other than follow their script.


This is very frustrating and detrimental to customer relations. If this isn't their upgrade than they should notify us of that as well.

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Re: M04.R.788 Network update

Hi dgould55


Firmware update M04.R.788 Improves BD-ROM playability.  You may want to check the Benefits provided by previous upgrades and included in version M04.R.788.




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Re: M04.R.788 Network update

I see that  M04.R.789 is now  available and it isn't on the website.

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