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Registered: ‎07-05-2014
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New 4K UBPX800 blu-ray player too dark

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UPDATE:  I just found this discussion re my dark issue.  It is general, but may be the root of my problem.



I just completed setup for a new UBPX800 player, attached to Sony Bravia XBR-55X850A.  I replaced a Sony standard Blu-Ray player which had a very bright picture thru the TV.  I believe the TV does NOT have HDR.  As soon as I played the first Ultra 4K Blu-Ray disk, I realized the picture was too dark.  I re-read the manual, and tried several option changes, including changing the HDR from AUTO to OFF, but no difference.  I created a custom screen with brightness at maximum; that made the background NOT BLACK but did not seem to brighten the picture details.  So, I played a regular Blu-Ray disk and had the same issue. When the scene goes to an inside location, it is so dark I can't see the details.  Outside scenes look as if it about to rain, when it's obvious the sun is shining.  NOTE:  This issue is not as bad if I stream 4K from YouTube ... ?


I can go to any other device attached to the TV, e.g., ATT DirecTV, and the picture is brilliant (vivid).  I replaced the older player, and the same Blu-Ray disk I tested on the UBPX800 was brilliant.  I am using a new 4K certified HDMI cable for both tests.


Given that the TV doesn't have HDR, is there a combination of settings that will result in my getting the brilliant screen I desire, or do I need to reset the player and take it back to BestBuy?



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