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S-5500: first CHILD LOCK and the BLACK SCREEN

Well, it seems trying to find the solution to one problem with my player has lead to another. I tried many of the tips and tricks on this forum, but to no avail.


The player is an S-5500, exactly one year old.
At first is was confronted with the “child lock” message when I pushed eject. To try and resolve the issue:
1. I pushed TOP MENU + STOP + HOME. That gave me a message that the child lock had been unlocked and that eject was available. However, straight afterwards (and I do mean within 10 seconds of the operation) I got the same “child lock” message when pushing “eject”.
2. As suggested, I then tried to reset the playuer to factory settings in the “reset settings” menu. However, the result was even more unfortunate, as now I am confronted by the BLACK SCREEN start issue: the standby light of the player remains green, yet when it is turned on, you only get the main menu for a fraction of a second and then it turns black. Pressing any button on the remote or the player gets no response at all.
So next, in order to resolve the BLACK SCREEN issue first I tried the following:
1. First of all, just to be on the safe side, I tried using another HDMI cable. No result.
2. I unplugged all devices from the tv, pulled out the power cables of both the tv and the player, disconnected the HDMI cable and waited for 10 minutes. I then plugged the power cables of the tv and the player back in, turned the tv on and connected the player back to the tv with the HDMI cable. No other devices were connected to either tv or player. No result. Back to the black screen.
3. As suggested, I then tried lowering the output resolution. Since my remote has no VIDEO FORMAT button, I pressed STOP + HOME + POP UP/MENU at the same time. No response.
4. I pushed down the power button on the player, unplugged the power cord for 15 seconds while holding down that button, plugged the cord back in again and then released the button. No result.
So... does anyone have any valid suggestions left to 1. solve the black screen problem and 2. solve the “child lock” problem.
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Re: S-5500: first CHILD LOCK and the BLACK SCREEN


Hi, BasSteven


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