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I am considering buying either the Sony S5100 or the S790 model Blu-ray player. I have two concerns though. One is the wireless feature.  Is the wireless feature simply to stream media from the internet, or can I wirelessly access media from my laptop to the device and ultimately to the TV? Would I be able to do either with a my USB internet device connected to my PC? Can I still connect it to my home theater system via an HDMI cable?  I'm sorry, but I'm a little unclear what wireless means in this case. My other concern is the Dolby decoding. The S5100 model says it supports only 2-channel decoding while the S790 model supports 5.1. This unit will plug into a 5.1 home theater system. So will I not be getting true 5.1 sound from the former model? The only reason I am hesitant about the latter model is the exorbitant price - $110 more! I'm really confused here and would welcome any plain-Englesh answers and advise. Thank you.

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Hi dustnik,


You can stream media from both Internet and Computer using wireless feature. Both the Players support DLNA function which is used to stream content from DLNA compatible devices like Computer. You can also access files from Network attached devices (Connected to Computer using USB) using DLNA feature.


Yes, you can connect both the Players to Home Theater System using HDMI cable. Coming to Dolby decoding, both the Players support and will reproduce high-definition sound with 7.1 channels with HDMI connection to LPCM capable receiver.

If these are your only requirements, you can choose BDP-S5100. However, BDP-S790 has advanced features like dual core processor, 4K up scaling, Skype capability, 16 Bit video processing, IP Noise Reduction Pro improves Internet video playback and more.


Click on the below links for the detailed features of both the Players:


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Thank you for your reply. Sorry, I have no idea what DLNA is .However, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that I could send music, video, etc. from ANY computer to the BD player, through the home theater system and ultimately to my TV. For instance, I could play my WMP with a visualization on my PC, and it would appear on the TV as well. And this would still work when my Internet comes from a small USB device from Verizon? Would I need a wireless router as well, and if so, what kind? I've been told in the past that this would not work. 


Yes, I understand that I can connect either device via HDMI. My concern comes from the fact that the S5100 page says it doesn't support Dolby 5.1 decoding. You're saying that that it will reproduce not only 5.1 but 7.1 (no 7.1 mentioned on either players pages). I'm confused as to why it would say it doesn't support 5.1 if it indeed does. Would it have something to do with my 5.1 home theater system? If it can only produce stereo sound that would be a major deterrent to my purchasing it. I just wish there wasn't such a price difference between the two models.


I will check out the links you sent me. I appreciate all your help and apologize for my confusion.

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