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Blu-Ray - General

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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

Sony BDP-S570 No Setup Menu on Screen

All -

I just purchased a Sony BDP-S570 hooked up via HDMI to my Sony STR-DH810.

Upon installing the Blu Ray player, I turned it on, and saw the blue 'Blu-Ray' logo on the screen for about two seconds.

After that, the screen went blank. It is my understanding that an "Easy Setup" menu should first appear, guiding me guessed it, the setup process. I cannot see it.

I tried putting in a BD as well as a DVD and then turning on the unit, to see if that might work. It did not. Same problem. Blu-Ray logo for about two seconds, followed by blackness on the TV.

Since I can see an initial logo, I have ruled out some kind of braindead connection issue. Has anyone else come across this? I would do a factory reset, but it appears I need access to the on-screen menu in order to find the right place to do the full reset!!!
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

Re: Sony BDP-S570 No Setup Menu on Screen

Make sure the Blu-ray Player’s resolution is compatible with the connected TV. Set the Blu-ray player resolution setting to auto. If issue persists, please contact our Technical Support team for further assistance: ... dl=BDPS570