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Re: Sony UBP-X800 can't play audio CDs or SACD's

Hello Elvis5963,


Patience please, it takes time to get information from our Design team due to time differences between here (US) and Japan.  


I discussed with the design group and found out some additional information.

"There are restrictions on HDCP due to secondary output, it is forbidden to transmit wirelessly."


This basically means that the HDMI Standard prevents Soundbars from being a playback method for SACD format due to Copy Protection requirements.  I asked if some of our non-Wireless Subwoofer models would support but due to other HDMI Standards Copy Protection requirements, they do not.  Since this is an HDMI standard, that would explain why other manufacturer Soundbars do not support the SACD format.


This is not an issue with the UBPX800, it correctly outputs Super Audio CD formats but the end device not being able to support.

The comment that you have gotten from Samsung "it's the fault of the Sony player, not the Samsung sound bar" is incorrect information being provided to you.  That would be like complaining that your FM radio doesn't pick up AM stations.


Thank you and I'm sorry this isn't the response that you were hoping for,


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Re: Sony UBP-X800 can't play audio CDs or SACD's

Hi Chris:


Sorry for my impatience.  You are correct, in that I was not considering who and when you would consult Sony employees to try to answer my questions. My bad.


So, thank you for your response.  Your analogy of the FM and AM radio was cute, but, as the British like to say, I think it was “too clever by half.”  Given that Sony itself manufactures sound bars that don’t support SACD either, singling out Samsung for failure to process the SACD signal seems disingenuous.


DVD-audio evidently employs copyright protection as well, but not at the cost of losing functionality.  What makes their technology different than SACD in this respect?


If the issue is “HDMI standards,” how does that problem get remedied?  Is it something unilateral that the sound bar manufacturers can implement, and if so, at what cost? Or is it a challenge that must be met in a bilateral or multi-lateral manner with Sony, who I understand to be the owners and decision-makers with respect to SACD?


Copy protection has a checkered past, and I remember it instigated a lot of pushback from innocent buyers who had no interest in violating anyone’s copyright.  They wanted only for the music to “just play.”  Sony, in particular, was the target of many customer protests, complaining about the consumer-unfriendly ways in which Sony sought to impose this mechanism.


Perhaps, now that you have spoken with the engineers, you should next discuss this with Sony marketing and sales departments. Many industry observers have argued that SACD never reached its sales potential owing to these ham-handed efforts to enforce Sony’s proprietary tights.  I own dozens of SACDs, and dozens more of DVD-Audio.  I note that SACD’s are still being released.  Given the present impasse, however, I can’t imagine why I would ever buy an SACD (or SACD player) again.

Posts: 271
Registered: ‎03-10-2014
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Re: Sony UBP-X800 can't play audio CDs or SACD's

[ Edited ]

Hello Elvis5963,


Thank you for your response.  As I point out none of the Sony Soundbars support SACD layer content due to HDMI Copy Protection requirements.  The only reason that I mention the Samsung is that is the Soundbar that you are utilizing.  The only comment that I had concerning Samsung was their response to you that "it's the fault of the Sony player, not the Samsung sound bar" was completely incorrect.  


I've already had a lengthly discussion with our design members if it would be feasible to change the SACD standards (which Sony and Phillips control) as this would be an opportunity to promote our Soundbars to you (your request from two posts back).  Alas, in my detailed discussions I could not find any Sony Soundbar that would support SACD layers due to multiple copy protection requirements.  This is completely related to the HDMI HDCP Copy Protection Standards. 


At this point you can contact the HDMI Forum to address HDCP Copy Protection suggestions that you have.  Although Sony is a member there are over 90 other members that have interest in protecting the content. 


You can get SACD layer content if you utlize an Audio Video Receiver as that technology does not trigger the same HDCP Copy Protection issues that a Soundbar would trigger.  I understand your frustration as a Soundbar is a much simliar solution for audio to your home.  However this is no longer a discussion concerning the UBPX800 not being able to support SACD content, but a discussion on HDMI HDCP Copy Protection standards.


Thank you again for your feedback and suggestions,


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Re: Sony UBP-X800 can't play audio CDs or SACD's

I am having the same issues playing SACD, but have a Sony Player (X800), Sony SoundBar (HT-CT790), and Sony TV (XBR-65X850D).  You would think since the Sony website and box of the X800 state that it can play SACDs, there wouldn't be an issue playing that layer of the disc!

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