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Blu-Ray - General

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Standalone Blu-ray recorder

I want to buy a standalone Blu-ray recorder to burn Blu-ray and DVD disks from HD video output (AVCHD MPEG-4/H.264) from my Canon HF M41A camcorder. I got a JVC professional HD SR1250US, costing $975.00, for this purpose as the only real possibility. I found, unfortunately, that while trying unsuccessfully several times to transfer the video files from the camcorder built-in memory, via USB (camcorder direct to JVC), to the hard drive of the JVC that it progressively deleted more and more scenes from the camcorder memory. Canon customer service told me that the Canon and the JVC "didn't talk the same language" even though they both support AVCHD. The only difference I could find in the specs was the camcorder's version was MPEG-4 while that of the JVC was MPEG-2. Whether that is really the problem I don't know. I was able to return the JVC to B&H with no problem, thankfully. I still want such a burner; a suggestion I have received is the Sony VBD-MA1. As it supports MPEG-2, I am "gun shy" about it. Can anyone help? 

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Re: Standalone Blu-ray recorder

Hi George,


The Recording operation is not guaranteed when connecting a third party camcorder to VBD-MA1 Recorder using USB connection. However, you may wish to connect your camcorder to it using A/V or cable connection (if available on camcorder). 


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