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Registered: ‎09-09-2017
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UBP-X800 Bluray playback on a *really* old (1080p) TV?

Hi All,


Before today I was playing standard-definition Bluray discs out of my Samsung LA40M81BDX TV (10 years old but it still has an HDMI input) from a home theater PC ******ed with a 5.25" Pioneer Bluray drive. The software on that HTPC is unable to play specific discs so today I splashed out on a beautiful new UBP-X800. It upscales DVDs extremely well but I get an "out of range" message when I try to play a standard Bluray disc from it (non-3D, non-4K).


I haven't even opened the bonus 'Fate of the Furious' Bluray disc that came bundled with the unit yet - I'd like to get the standard definition blurays sorted first....I'm not even sure that I can play 4K Discs out of my humble 40" TV! Gosh darnet I might have to get a new TV...! Oh well.


I've upgraded the unit's firmware to the latest release (UPDATE_M36R0175)...what settings should I tweak on the player? If I dumb the player down to use 720p and test a disc playback I get extremely choppy sound with the screen alternating from flashing pink and black..which I suppose is a step up from getting the 'out of range' message. I'm all open to suggestions, even if it's to log an official fault with Sony Support.


I appeal to your collective wisdom and thank you in advance.


- Nick

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