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UBP-X800 Motion artifacts

I purchased a UBP-X800 about a week and a half ago and had been quite enjoying it.  I'v noticed, however, that in certain blu-ray films (It happens a lot in Pacific Rim) that there is a lot of what I can best describe as visual artifacting around moving people and objects.  It's somewhat subtle, but once you see it it's very difficult to unsee it.  It manifests as what looks like kinda green and purple digital noise surrounding moving objects.  Like a bad type of trailing.  I can see it on the standard blu ray of Pacific Rim and even more so on the UHD disc.  Netflix streaming does not seem to have this issue on the player and when I put the blu ray in my PS4 Pro it doesn't do it either.  I have it hooked up directly to a 65X930D.  I have tried switching to different HDMI cables and that has not solved the issue.  I've also adjusted various visual settings within the player.  Enabled/Disabled deep color, 24p playback, fixing the resolution to 4K.  Nothing stops it from happening.  So my question is:  Is this expected behavior?  Can it be fixed?  Or should I just exchange it while I still have a few days left in the return period?

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