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Wiggle 3D will be a TV evolution.

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3D is an evolution, but honestly, who wants to wear 3D glasses? Who wants to deal with that finicky eye-tracking stuff?

Wiggle stereoscopy will fix the issues with 3D. Wiggle stereoscopy can be achieved by using the TV's processor to: analyze the difference between the left/right stereoscopic frames, create a composite image, update specific sections of the screen by using the difference between the frames,and perform the process rapidly enough that the screen presents a glasses free 3D image.

Now, this kind of 3D should be a feature, not the main selling point. On UHD Blu Rays, 3D should be listed as a feature, just as anormphic enhancement was listed on DVD. Speaking of anamorphic enhancement, that too should be added to UHD Blu Rays. 2.40:1 TVs would sell great, and so would 2.40:1 projectors. I personally am not interested in upgrading my whole set up to UHD, however, 3D and anamorphic would be an upgrade that would make me interested in UHD.Sony, as the greatest TV maker, should be responsible for introducing this evoulotion.

Thank You.

P.S: I can't wait to watch The Amazing Spider-Man in anamorphic 3D UHD!

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Re: Wiggle 3D will be a TV evolution.

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Re: Wiggle 3D will be a TV evolution.

So, when can I buy a tv that uses this technology?

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