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bdp-s2200 says USB DEVICE not supported for a 128GB Exfab thumb drive

Just lost an hour of my life seeking answers in SONY specs.


The manual says nothing about USB size limits. I did find where it says the USB needs to be formatted FAT32 (which is impossible for a 128GB drive). Mine is ExFAT- it doesn't mention this formatting.


THEN they have a page where they list USB size limits by model year from 2013. Which sends us on Another adventure- GOOGLE BDP-S2200 YEAR or MODEL YEAR and guess what- its too obscure to find..  So that's also worthess info.


But I did notice that all models from 2013 forward supported 1TB or more, so I would THINK my lil' 128GB would play? But maybe my model is 2012 or earlier- who knows?



I could perhaps reformat NTFS?


Ideas? Seems like a 128GB Thumb drive would be playable in a modern BDP.


Sony- making EZ things DIFFICULT!


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Re: bdp-s2200 says USB DEVICE not supported for a 128GB Exfab thumb drive

Hi Spydox,


Welcome to the Sony Community!


We do apologize for the researching journey that you have to take in search for answers, I hope that you find this reply helpful.


Your BDP-S2200 was released last 11/27/2014. Bluray players that became available in the market 3 years ago can handle external storage devices with a capacity of up to 4TB, and 16KB being the minimum. If you decide to get an upgrade, you may refer to the link provided for the list of maximum and minimum capacity of storage devices our players can support.


USB capacity:


BDP-S2200 manual:


You may also want to check the file formats the Bluray player supports for USB playback:

-MPEG-1 Video/PS (.mpg .mpeg, .m2ts, .mts)

-MPEG-2 Video/PS, TS ( .mpg.mpeg, .m2ts, .mts)

-MPEG-4 AVC (.mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .m2ts, .mts)


The USB not supported error, you can try reformatting it to NTFS.


Best regards,



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Registered: ‎05-13-2017
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Re: bdp-s2200 says USB DEVICE not supported for a 128GB Exfab thumb drive

Thank-You, your repluy was helpful. The NTFS trick worked- now the BDP does see the USB drive. That's a step forward.


I found it would play MP4 and MPG but not AVI. which was one of the listed types it should play. I did notice there are about 20 ways I can render AVI , I guess I'll fool with those.


The most vexing part of my research was when I found the storage abilities listed by model year, but the manual didn't show a model year! It would make a lot more sense just to list them by model. Or better yet, use a model prefix like BDPA- then you could say all models beginning with BDPA are....



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