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Blu-Ray - General

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Registered: ‎10-02-2013

portable dvd player is advising no disc, when the disc is in the player

Our portable sony dvd player, when the disc is installed, advises "no disc"

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Re: portable dvd player is advising no disc, when the disc is in the player

[ Edited ]

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot a NO DISC DISC ERROR , or INSERT DISC error message.


  1. Make sure there is a disc in the player.
  2. Make sure the disc is inserted correctly, with the playback side facing down on the disc tray.
  3. Verify that the disc being used is supported by the player. Some players do not support VCD, DVD, or CDRs created by a CD burner. For information regarding disccompatibility, Manuals are available online through the Manuals, Specs & Warranty link here.
  4. Clean the disc.
  5. Attempt to play a different, commercially produced disc.
  6. Remove the disc and leave the player on for a half hour to resolve the possibility of moisture condensation inside the player.


If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required

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