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Registered: ‎03-08-2016
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BDP-S3700 siriusxm login isssue

I wonder if anyone else is having a similar problem logging on to SiriusXM with this unit.


Here's the sequence of steps we went through:


1. I connected this unit to our wifi network and installed the latest firmware upgrade.


2. We tried logging on through the SiriusXM app using my wife's streaming credentials. Because she had forgotten what her password was, she reset it first via the SiriusXM website. We then attempted to enter it into the app. This resulted in a "User Account" error.


3. After trying repeatedly to make this work, I finally called SiriusXM support. Level 2 support had me verify that the streaming credentials we are using are correct--we did this by using them on my wife's Macintosh, where they work perfectly (they also work via her iPhone SiriusXM app). Level 2 advised me to contact Sony about the problem, as it does not appear to be a SiriusXM issue.


So...anyone else having this problem? I've tried for 24 hours now to get the login to succeed, and we still get the same "Account Error" message. All other streaming apps--Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu--all work fine.


Thanks in advance,



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Registered: ‎04-20-2017
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Re: BDP-S3700 siriusxm login isssue

I am having the exact same problem with the following exceptions:  I have not revised my login credentials and I am attempting to login using a different model player, BDP-S3100.  My firmware is up to date and my system settings correctly configured and verified.


I can access the Sirius XM streaming service using my login credentials while utilizing different devices including my Ipad and computers.  I am not logging into more than one device simultaneously.  All other streaming services and internet radio sites are accessed without difficulty using this same Sony Bluray Disc player.  I am able to easily access the internet using this player and my network connection is fine.  Interestingly, I obtained a free trial subscription from SiriusXM, although I am a paid subscriber, and am able to access the streaming content without any problem using the trial subscription.  


I wasted a great deal of time consulting SiriusXM and I too was eventually referred to Level II technical support.  The technician simply asked me questions from a checklist and seemed perplexed when I took umbrage in having answered the same questions, having been slightly rephrased, over and over ad nauseum.  My efforts to solve this problem did not come to fruition and I was finally informed that SiriusXM could not assust me and that I should contact Sony.


While it is possible that some unique characteristic of the Sony players might be responsible for the technical glitch I find it highly unlikely that SiriusXM bears no culpability in the matter.  It apoears that there is no technical reason the SiriusXM streaming service is unavailable as I am currently accessing and listening to SiriusXM, using my Sony BDP-S3100 player, utilizing the free trial subscription.  Rather it appears to be a problem related to a restriction associated with my login credentials.  For some unexplained reason SiriusXM seems to determine that I am attempting to access my account while simultaneously logged into another device.  I am not as demonstrated by my ability to access the streaming service from other devices without receiving a similar error message.  


Your problem is not unique as I am experiencing similar difficulties.  

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