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Re: BDP-S5100


I have been trying to resolve ths problem for some time now.  I don't know if the moderators are leading us on or if Sony is leading the moderators on.  Rest assured, they know there is no fix.  They just want us to go away.  Other sources of Sony support say there is no fix coming because there is no problem.  So when you are told that they are elevating it to the engineering team.  That means they are done with you.  So maddenning.

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Re: BDP-S5100

All this is ****** is a link to another thread in this forum, that seems to have helped me believe it or not!


check out the solution from "stellarskies...."


I works if you have a PC that is able to stream Netflix...Helped a LOT for me...absolutely nothing else fro this website has helped...

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Re: BDP-S5100

It is not the servers; not Netflix and not your router.  There is a manufactor defect through autoshut off.  It takes the player off of the internet therefore making it unable to update. Even with a disk, USB.  The machine will never update therefore you can only play movies, not use any apps or connect through the internet.

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Re: BDP-S5100

I had this same issue, which I just resolved, it began about two days ago. I have a Sony BDP-S3100 with a wired connection to my Airport Express (v 7.6.4). The issue started after I had to restart my router (I have to do this every few months when I lose internet connection). I don't know if the router had anything to do with it, but these were the circumstances. I searched these forums and tried changing my DNS address to OpenDNS which didn't seem to help. I changed it to a number I found on a Sony site ( and which also didn't seem to help. I reset my Personal Info on my bluray at one forum suggested. I reset the network settings on my bluray to factory settings. I did a factory reset on my router as well. I still got the same error. Then I found a forum reminding me to reset my devices in the proper order. I unplugged my bluray and my router and waited for several minutes. I then plugged my router in and did another factory reset. I turned my bluray on and did a factory reset again (for ONLY the Network Settings). After reconnecting my bluray to my LAN eveything worked like new. I don't know if it's permanent, but it's working! Good luck.

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Re: BDP-S5100

Hello everyone. 

If online video services have stopped working on your BDP-S5100, I recommend trying this first before going through the whole troubleshooting rigmarole:

1. Go to Networks Settings
2. Wi-Fi or LAN, take your pick (I only tested Wi-Fi).
3. Select "Add a new address" (that's the only real manual/custom input option, everything else is pretty much auto. One wishes Sony would state that more emphatically in the knowledge base).
4. You can use the "auto" setting for basically everything else, but you should  probably change the primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to


Netflix works again for me. I realize some people have complained this did not work for them some months ago, and I am truly sorry for all those for whom this was (or still is) the case. Try not to let it get you down. Maybe watch SoulPancake, call your mom, or read a comic book. Good luck!

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Re: BDP-S5100

In case you all are wondering, and are the IP addresses for Google DNS. It is claimed to work better/faster than the "normal" DNS servers.
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Re: BDP-S5100

[ Edited ]

You're right the IP address of your player is already working. He was talking about something a little different though, overriding the IP addresses of the DNS servers your player utilizes. Normally these addresses come from your ISP and are different for everybody. *BUT* if the ones specified provide notably sub-par service, the Sony device gets all confused about "who's on first" and emits that frustrating error message.


The recommended addresses are a set of DNS servers run by Google rather than your ISP that are known to provide consistently fast responses. (Use of the DNS Servers provided by OpenDNS will probably _not_ work, because typically if users have an OpenDNS account they have some "filtering" enabled, and the Sony unit doesn't like the filtering.) Unfortunately the recommended advice is incomplete in two ways:


1) The way typical IP configurations are set up (i.e. not something unique to Sony devices), manually overriding the DNS Server addresses often _also_ requires manually specifying a "custom" (static) IP address for the blu-ray player itself. And if so, the address specified must be _outside_ the range of "DHCP" addresses given out by your router, else it will work only "most" of the time  ...but not quite all of the time. This can be rather difficult for non-network-geeks. Fortunately none of it is necessary most of the time - see #2 below.


2) Most routers override all DNS Server addresses anyway by intercepting and silently modifying all port 53 packets, so even if you manage to reconfigure your blu-ray, the DNS requests probably aren't really going there anyway. So what you need to do is get into the admin interface for your router and and set those and addresses there. Fortunately once you do this you most likely do _not_ need to futz with the configuration of your blu-ray _at_all_. Unfortunately there's a whole bunch of "security by obscurity" going on: the option is probably well-hidden, different in every brand of router, and maybe even duplicated on the "inside" and "outside" router interfaces.


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Re: BDP-S5100


I did not mean to give Kudos, anything BUT, in fact.  by all accounts, Sony's Blue Ray players are a giant cluster ****

i have unplugged so many times I have calluses on my knees from crawling around on the floor to get to the outlet.

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Re: BDP-S5100

So, it's 2015, and Sony Blue Ray players are still having the same problem 0- not having the firmware/software or whatever it takes to load all the Sony entertainment Network programs on the player.  I'm having the same problem - 3 different Blue Ray players all would not connect to the SEN.  I have confirmed connection to wireless router, anc open up and surf the web on the web aplication, but none Aps for the  other services, netflix, Amazon, Hulu Etc. are there.  On my first Sony Blue-Ray, took talking to a Sony Technician over the phone for 2 HOURS before I got those aps up and active.  Come on, Sony - get it together!!!

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Re: BDP-S5100

Weirdest thing: My BDP-S570 just lost all of its apps. I can now only see the attached external hard drive (won't play files, though) and the settings. I have tried power cycling, removing external hard drive, and resetting to factory settings. What did Sony Support tell you to do to fix it?

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