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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: BDP-S570 - wont connect to the internet via wifi

I had all of the complications expressed in all of the forums about the BDP-S570 not connecting to the internet and tried every one of the suggestions and all failed. SO I went to my router, a D-Link DIR-655. It powers all of my wireless equipment no problem: from every room in my 2 level 3300 sq. ft. house. The issue was the IP address of the router. I set the router up a number of months prior to aquiring the BDP. So I must have made changes that I was unable to remember. I did this so well that I was not even able to access my router using the default ping! The solution then was to use the Wi-Fi protected setup method. I located the WSP button on my router: on my unit it looks like the refresh symbol on a computer. On the DIR-655 it is located on the right hand side of the unit. IT IS NOT THE RESET CONTROL ON THE BACK! This fixed my problem immediately. The downfall is that by doing so it created a secure access point. The BD player was aquired to the new network and all internet content on the BD is working fine. So now comes the next problem! All of your other units will fall off the old access point. The fix is for the other units to access the new network using the same process. Use the WSP button on your router to allow access. When your wireless unit scans for the network: select the same one that is now listed on your BD. You will not know the access code as it is generated by the router and given to the unit that is accessing the network. It is like giving access through the push of a button rather than typing in an access code or a password. Make sense?

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