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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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BDP S580 can't use wireless while my cell uses wireless

I have a Sony S580 that cannot connect to anything if my cell phone is connected to my wireless router. The S580 connects wirelessly to internet, Netflix/Amazon streaming, shared video files from my computer just fine if my husband's cell phone is connected to our wireless internet.
We have the same phone model: HTC Evo 4G from Sprint.
The Sony S580 works fine when our other devices are using the wireless connection at the same time:
*RCA BRC11072 Blu Ray player
*Husband's cell phone
*Two desktop computers

My husband says if he's using the S580's wireless connection for anything and I am not home, the connection drops as soon as I enter the front door with my cell phone on me.

It's a bother to disconnect my cell phone every time we want to stream music, movies, etc. It's also just not fair that my husband doesn't have this problem with his phone :-p

Any ideas on why my phone makes the Sony S580 unable to connect wirelessly?
My phone does not cause a problem for any other wireless device we own. They can all be on at once and the connection is very fast and smooth.

I'm not super tech savy so if you need more info, let me know. Our wireless router uses our cable internet connection thru a wired modem.

Thank you, in advance.
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Re: BDP S580 can't use wireless while my cell uses wireless

Several things can cause this problem but the most likely is that you are getting a DHCP conflict.
What you need to do is determine what IP address your router is giving to your Sony s580 and then your phone. You can do that by checking the connection table in your router. Make sure everything is powered on and connected and your router will show you a list of all clients and their IP addresses. Make sure that your phone and Sony s580 aren't the same. If they are then you need to manually configure your Sony s580 and set a reservation in your router. Google is a good source of answers as to how to do these things as are the manuals.
If that isn't the case then make sure that "Quick Start" in your Sony s580 is turned "off" as it can cause a host of wireless problems. It might be that your phone is causing your wireless network to move to another channel and the Sony isn't following. Try un-plugging the Sony for a minute or so and then see if it shows back up on the network, with your phone on, when it boots back up.
Sorry but there aren't any "simple" answers with wireless connection issues.
Let me know if any of this helps.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: BDP S580 can't use wireless while my cell uses wireless

I share your pain. I just bought a Verizon Droid yesterday and connected it to our home wireless, whereupon we lost the internet access on our BDP-S380 ("Failed" message). Had to disable the Droid wi-fi connection and reboot the router to get the Blue-ray wireless connection to come back. In another article I read that it might be possible to establish a fixed IP address on the Blue-Ray to overcome this problem. Haven't tried it yet. I spent enough time trouble-shooting already.

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