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BDP S590 Content Error and Network Error has Occured

I've had this unit for maybe a month.  All was fine until a week ago.  While attempting to use Pandora within the S590, it will hang upon first song attempt and display 'Network Error has Occured' with a 'Return' button.  After a few more of these (without playing a song), it will say 'Content Error'.  So far, all I've seen for this type of issue is to reset to factory defaults.  Obviously, this is a known issue.  What is causing it?  Pandora is playing fine on all my other devices on the same Internet content.  At this point, I can watch and listen on other application within the S590 without issue.  However, Pandora was fine at one point as well.  Please advise.  Thanks.  Jeremy

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Registered: ‎02-14-2013
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Re: BDP S590 Content Error and Network Error has Occured

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Did you update the latest firmware in the Blu-ray player?


Click on the below link to install the latest firmware update.


You can also try the steps mentioned on the below link.


If this does not resolved the issue try unlinking the Pandora service from the My essentials web site and relink again.






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Registered: ‎02-14-2013
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Re: BDP S590 Content Error and Network Error has Occured



Thanks for the reply.  Confirmed and tried everything.  The problem persists.  This issue is only affecting Pandora, it seems.  I've used various other demos and features and they seem fine.  As mentioned, Pandora is working with the same account on every other device that I have without issue.  It's not the end of the world, but it is one of the reasons that I bought this mode, as my smart TV doesn't have Pandora.  Just hoping that a new network update addresses itl


Any other ideas?





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