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Registered: ‎06-24-2017
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BDP-S6500 Netflix freezing problem. 60MBPs speed test, latest updates, all tests come out ok



I've got a Sony Bluray BDP-S6500 that streams netflix fine sometimes, but other times it is constantly freezing.  I can open up my laptop during this and get speed test results of 60 MBPs or more.  The bluray player is about 1 ft away from the router, and all network tests come back fine. 


It looks like I've gone through all the troubleshooting guides on here for the issue, but most of it seems to center on not having enough bandwith from the ISP, which isn't my problem.  


Some days its fine, some days its not.  When its not, I can turn on my laptop, and a few cell phones, and stream videos on all of them at the same time perfectly OK, but netflix keeps hanging up badly.  No change at all, so bandwith is not an issue.  The problem seems to be with the bluray player itself.


Any idea what my next step is?  Right now, I think its time to return it to the store.

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Re: BDP-S6500 Netflix freezing problem. 60MBPs speed test, latest updates, all tests come out ok

Hello Nozoxon,


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We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Kindly send me a private message with your Event ID or reference number if you have contacted our product specialists regarding this issue.






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Registered: ‎06-24-2017
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Re: BDP-S6500 Netflix freezing problem. 60MBPs speed test, latest updates, all tests come out ok

Hi Erin!


I just talked to a product specialist, and they asked if the Netflix screen ever shows that it is trying to buffer...i.e. the little percentage thing comes up on the screen and stuff like that.  The answer was no.


As I said, all the software was up to date, doing all the tests came out with no problems, everything looked like it was 100% OK, but Netflix was still pausing during streaming.  Sometimes it wouldn't do it. Sometimes it would a little. And sometimes it would freeze for 5 seconds every 30-45 seconds!  There was no rhyme or reason to it.


The product specialist had me:


Go to the HOME screen.


Go to Resetting


"Initialize Personal Information"


Hitting this kinda deleted all the preinstalled apps.  Then I had to go back in to "Featured Apps", I think, and reinstall them, because the App page was completely blank.  All I had was the "Play the Blu-ray Disc" box.  Or, I guess re-initialize them.  It only took 2 seconds for the player to do that, so I guess in hindsight, it didn't really download them all again.


Anyway, that deleted all my login info from every app, so I had to go back and log back into everything...Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, etc.  Kinda was a big hassle.  It would have been nice if there was a way to re-initalize or re-install just the Netflix App.


That was about 24hrs ago now, and I've had Netflix on for about 6 hrs and it hasn't frozen yet. 


Hopefully this will be a permanent fix.   


I had no issues with this bluray player for the first 3 months of ownership, and then the next 3 months it has been freezing on me.


I read a ton of posts on this forum, and all the troubleshooting guides, and I didn't see anything about these steps.  I was just about to return the player and buy a different brand.


I just went back through all the troubleshooting guides on this site, just to make sure I didn't miss this, and there isn't anything there like this.  Maybe this should be added to the troubleshooting guide.  It might help a lot of people out.  


Hopefully, this post will help a lot of people out.  And hopefully I won't have to do this every 3 months! If I do, I will be taking the player back and buying a different brand.

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