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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

Blu-ray wont connect to PC server

How do I get my bluray to connect to my networked pc?
I have them both hardwired into my router.

While I can 'view' the pc on the bluray in 'photos', 'video', 'music' and 'connection server settings' - it will not connect.

It tells me, "The server is currently starting up. Please wait. Startup may take a few minutes".

Then it says, "! Cannot Start Server. Wait for a few moments, and then select the same server again or turn the media server's power off and on".

Restarting the pc does nothing.
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Re: Blu-ray wont connect to PC server

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We do apologize for very late response as we try to clean up our forum.
If you are still having issue connecting to DLNA server, follow the link on how to set up DLNA server

Please contact our Technical Support team for further assistance: ... OR=CONTACT

Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎09-23-2015

Re: Blu-ray wont connect to PC server

I had the exact same issue.  "Server won't connect".  Just fixed it.  Turned on "Windows Media Player" then went through the options to allow it to share with all devices.  Went back in to my Blu-Ray and it could see my PC once more.  Hope this helps...