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Closed Captioning and Subtitles

I don't understand why closed captioning and subtitles are not available for streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video or Netflix even though Sony has known this is a problem for several years.  Is it going to be available or not?


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Re: Closed Captioning and Subtitles


Welcome to the Sony community forums.

The availability of subtitles varies depending on the product being used and the movie or program being watched. Netflix is consistently working to update much of their content with subtitles.

Movies that support subtitles will have a selectable Audio and subtitles option similar to the following:

If you selected the Audio and subtitle option, but no subtitles display when playing the program, then the subtitle data may not be in a format supported by the Sony® Internet video product. If the Audio and subtitle option does not appear at all, then the selected program does not have embedded subtitle data.


  • Log in to your Netflix account on the Netflix website and review the Subtitles and Captions section for further information and a list of available programs with subtitles.
  • The Netflix support website also provides information regarding the Netflix Features on your Sony® TV or Sony Blu-ray Disc® (BD) player.   if your model is not listed on one of the previous links  Subtitles and captions are not supported for your device.
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Re: Closed Captioning and Subtitles

I looked up my model, the BDV-E570 in the Netflix Support table for Subtitles and Captions and it shows it is not supported.  However, it has false information for the resolution.  This model supports 1080p but the table shows 720p.  The Netflix Audio and Subtitles menu requires 1080p.  Netflix says Sony gave them the table.  It looks like the ball is in Sony's court to fix this problem for this model.

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Re: Closed Captioning and Subtitles

Same on my end for Sony Blu Ray BDP-780bI have no option to turn on Subtitles or Captions, no option for which audio I would like such as surround 5.1 surround and no it is not 1080p still 720p streaming. If only Sony would take notice and see how outdated Netflix UI is on blu ray players would be very nice.