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Connecting Computer to Receiver to TV

I'm trying to hook up my HDTV, Cable Box, Computer, and Sony STRDH520 Receiver.

I have the hdmi cable coming from my laptop to the game hdmi on the receiver.

With this connection I get sound, but no video.

When I hook up the hdmi from my laptop to the tv, I get video, but no sound from my ht speakers...sound only from the tv speakers.

All my connections on the receiver are all hdmi cables except the rca cable connected to my sub.

Do I need another cable somewhere?

What is the best configuration for this setup?
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Re: Connecting Computer to Receiver to TV

Thank you for your post and welcome to the user discussion forums.
When you connect a PC to the receiver input via HDMI cable, make sure the resolution output from PC is a TV signal. The Television is capable of displaying some of PC resolutions. For the no audio issue with PC directly to TV/AV receiver, verify your connection from TV to Receiver (refer to TV’s operating manual). If you have any difficulties, contact our support agents and they will walk you through the setup process. ... l=STRDH520
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: Connecting Computer to Receiver to TV

So I recently purchased a STRDH520 receiver and a nvidia GTX560TI. I also have a creative gigaworks 7.1 speaker system. I'm using HD audio out from the GPU to receiver via hdmi cable and running hdmi out from receiver to my LCD. The speakers and sub are of course are hooked to the receiver. For most games this setup works flawlessly, producing excellent surround and bass via sub. Games I've tried so far include The Witcher 2, Battlefield 3, and Portal 2. With Skyrim however, I'm only getting good surround sound but nothing is coming out of my sub. This is confusing considering I thought Skyrim supports dolby digital. My sub also doesn't work for mp3's, basic web vids, and some PC games that don't support 5.1/7.1, but as long as I switch to TV+Amp then the sub works, although it's only stereo surround. I can actually do this with Skyrim to get my sub working, but of course I lose surround sound in the process. I spoke to Sony the other day about the mp3, misc. PC sounds, etc. not utilizing my sub but he said it's because they are decoded in stereo, so that makes sense thus the necessary switch to TV+Amp. This Skyrim issue just doesn't make sense though cause the game definitely uses dolby digital.

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