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Crackle App keep losing it's link information

Earlier this year an update was performed changing the version of the software to 4.0.5.  After which every time I attempt to watch something on Crackle a screen is displayed asking if I wish to link my Sony Blu-Ray Disc / DVD Player BDP-S1700 to Crackle.  I already had the device linked via the login page on the prior software but in either case I linked it again using the code that was displayed on the screen.  As I wrote the linking option is displayed every time now. The majority times I just say remind me later.  I did go ahead and went through the linking steps four times and sure enough when I log into Crackle it shows I have four devices linked.  Of course in reality the four devices are ALL the same physical BDP-S1700.  The firmware version of the players is M30.R.0380. 

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-15-2017
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Re: Crackle App keep losing it's link information

Has anyone else seen this same issue?

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Re: Crackle App keep losing it's link information

Hi Fsaks,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on a Blu-ray Disc® player or Network Media Player.

IMPORTANT: The steps in this article are only applicable if the menu screen of your Blu-ray Disc player is the same with the image below.



  • By performing a factory reset, all the settings of the player will be restore to factory default. Unless, if you select one category such as the Screen Settings, Audio Settings, BD/DVD viewing settings, Parental Control Settings, Music Settings, System Settings, Network Settings, the player will only reset the selected item. Once the player is reset, you will be asked to perform the Initial setup of the player.
  • Use the directional arrows buttons arrowson the remote to navigate through the menus and the middle button to select an option.
  1. Turn the Blu-ray Disc player on and make sure the correct video input is selected on the TV.
  2. Press the HOME button on the remote control of the Blu-ray Disc player.
  3. Once the menu is displayed, press the Left arrow button on the remote control and navigate to Setup.
  4. On Setup, use the Down arrow button and go to Resetting. Then, press the Enter button.
  5. Under Resetting, select either Reset to Factory Default Settings or Initialize Personal Information.


    • Reset to Factory Default Settings option will display another menu where you can reset the current network, audio and video settings on the player, select All Settings if you desire to restore everything.
    • Initialize Personal Information will erase all personal information stored on the player and some Internet apps.
  6. Go through each of the two options if you desire to completely restore the Blu-ray Disc player.

If you have reset the Blu-ray Disc player as a last effort to resolve a particular issue and the issue is not resolved after performing the reset steps, service may be required.


I hope it helps.





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