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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
Accepted Solution

How to connect speakers to receiver?

I just bought a new Sony audio receiver (model STR-DH810) to replace my old Sony receiver. I'm trying to hook up the speakers using the same speaker wire I had on my old receiver and speakers.

My old receiver had simple connectors: press the flip/switch, insert the wire and release. This new receiver has "dial" connectors that I'm unable to get the wires to connect with. Is there a trick to this? My center speaker wires seem to be too thin and the front speaker wires are too thick. Help, please!
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

Re: How to connect speakers to receiver?

In looking at a picture of the back panel of your STR-DH810, all speaker connections have the ability to insert banana plug connectors, instead of using the older spring-loaded connectors. With banana plugs, you will never have a speaker shorting issue with the bare wires crossing, and they are great for insertion and removal, especially if you have speaker sets that you may want to interchange from Front A or B to Front High. While you can wrap the bare wires around the base of the banana jacks on the receiver back panel, it is infinitely easier to use banana plugs. You need one pair of banana plugs for each speaker- a red-black pair for the plus and minus speaker wires to each speaker. They are packaged and sold in pairs as a red-black pair per package.

I recommend the all-metal open screw type from Monoprice over any closed screw or solder type as in the link below. They are a snap to install on your speaker wires, and then you just insert them into the banana jacks on the receiver. Screw type banana plugs are completely reusable with just a screwdriver. At $1.76 per pair, these are half the price of cheaper pairs of plastic/metal banana plugs available locally from places like Radio Shack. ... 1&format=2