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Internet Access: Failed - My Solution (and resulting security problem?)

Like many others, I had a problem setting my Sony Blu-ray BDP-BX59 (same as S590) up for internet access.  My setup indicated that the wireless connection was OK, but my internet access failed.  Surprisingly, despite this message, I could access the internet through the browser and also access SEN. But other items (Network Update, for example) did not work.


I had connected my blu-ray to a 2.4G guest account which did NOT allow access to My Local Network.  When I changed my router setting to allow guest access, my blu-ray internet access was OK and I could access Network Update and other features.  I wonder whether others who had similar setup problems were also trying to access router accounts which did not allow access to My Local Network.


Having solved my Sony blu-ray problem, I do wonder whether I have created a potential network security problem.  According to my Netgear router documentation, allowing access to My Local Network allows "any user who connects to this SSID can access not only the internet, but also local networks of this wireless router like users in primary SSID."  Not being a network guy, I have no clue what this means.

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Re: Internet Access: Failed - My Solution (and resulting security problem?)

Hello Harris,


WEP- and WPA-enabled networks are the only types of security for wireless (Wi-Fi) networks supported by the Blu-ray Disc player.  This will prevent other users from accessing your wireless network.


WEP is a security protocol that can be used to help secure a wireless network. Only users who know this key will be able to access the WEP secured network. WEP  and WPA are security protocols that can be used to help secure a wireless network.

For a WPA security protocol to work, both the BD player and the wireless access point (or wireless router) must have exactly the same settings. The SSID of the access point must also be entered into the BD player exactly as it appears in the wireless access point.


Allowing the BD player to access the LAN (Local Area Network) should not create any potential security issue.


If my post answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution."

Thank you for your post.

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Re: Internet Access: Failed - My Solution (and resulting security problem?)

Thanks for the response, Shaun. 


I'm aware of the WEP/WPA security protocols (although WEP is notoriously weak).  It just seems that enabling the blu-ray to access the LAN (unlike a "guest" that can only access the internet) adds an unnecessary layer of risk to a local network.  Why would the Sony blu-ray require this? 


In my case, I have decided NOT to enable LAN access, and, except for determining whether my firmware is up-to-date, everything seems to be working fine - despite the "internet access: failed" message.  In the event I decide to update the firmware, I'll temporarily allow access.  In any case, I'm hoping my solution addresses the problems that others have identified on this forum.

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