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Sideview 5.1.2 'Accept and start" button

[ Edited ]

With Sideview 5.1.2, there have been so many reports of initial unusability -- after installation, the user cannot get beyond the "Accept and start" button -- that people don't even get to questions of functionality.  I would like to begin with that issue, then get to a question of basic operation.


Regrettably, reports of 'I can't get past "Accept and start" button' almost never mention the platform.  I have been able to test Sideview on four iOS versions and three devices [don't currently have an Android device], and find that:

  • with iOS 9.3.5 (iPhone 4S), Sideview accepts the 'Accept and start' button" and moves into operation;
  • with iOS 10.3.2 (iPhone 6S+), Sideview does not recognize a press on the 'Accept and start' button" (the problem most commonly reported for Sideview 5.1.2), so never goes into operation;
  • with iOS 10.3.3 (iPad Air), Sideview accepts the 'Accept and start' button" and moves into operation;
  • with iOS 11.0.2 (iPad Air), Sideview accepts the 'Accept and start' button" and moves into operation (about which, more below).


So there are some specific platform combinations of device and OS version that have a problem with that initial Sideview step.  How do we get someone in Sideview engineering --  someone with the Sideview source, to see what happens when that button is invoked -- to take a look at that question, and find out why so many people cannot even get it to start?



Then, if we can get to that point, more people will be able to at least try to use Sideview, which has so much promise because it adds multiple control modes for flexibility to adapt to special cases --

  1. native remote mode (directly mimicking the native remote control, which is great for basic control);
  2. bi-axial cursor control mode;
  3. free cursor control mode;
  4. icon-based app selection;
  5. keyboard mode for text input

-- of which the most important mode is probably the last: a real keypad for text input, to replace the clunky hunt-and-peck using the cursor keys.  Unfortunately, that is precisely where Sideview fails most miserably: If you try to use the Sideview keyboard to enter text in a text field (in, say, youtube app search field or browser input fields), clicking on the keyboard icon gives this error message:


"Cannot send text at this time.
The connected device does
not display a text input


Again: This error message occurs when the cursor is inside a text field -- clearly a bug, and apparently not a subtle one, so that should be easy to fix.


However, I found one additional wrinkle on that problem of entering text in a text field: In the web browser, after repeatedly clearing the error message and hitting the keyboard icon, at one point the keyboard was accepted <!> -- at which point its most basic weakness was revealed: It is not designed to be a functional keypad for entry into the on-screen text field.  Rather than echo each keypress to the display device on-screen text field, the keypresses are collected into a text field on the Sideview smartphone screen, after which the user hits "Send" to transfer the content of the Sideview screen to the display device screen.


This is a basic problem for Sideview.  The BDP's native remote is actually pretty nice for basic control purposes. Sideview's functional attraction consists of its control modes for special cases, of which text input is most important.  If this does not work, Sideview has little functional attraction.  I can't believe it would be difficult to fix this problem. (Because it is simply repeatable and consistent, it should be easier than the problem above).  How do we begin?  If necessary, can Sony open the BDP API?

Posts: 17
Registered: ‎09-27-2017
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Re: Sideview 5.1.2 'Accept and start" button

[ Edited ]

Correction on one point in original post: Sideview did work with iOS 11.0.2 (on iPad Air), after having been installed, and initially operated, with iOS 10.3.3. After being deleted and reinstalled on iOS 11.0.2, Sideview had the common problem: It could not get past the "Accept and start" button. This is clearly the problem to be addressed first.

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Re: Sideview 5.1.2 'Accept and start" button

Hi JKaufmann,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be forwarding this post to the team for investigation and testing. We greatly appreciate how you posted everything in detail as this will help us simulate and address the issues and bugs in a timely manner. Once again, thank you for bringing this up and we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear from them.


Best regards,




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