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Sony BDP S380 - Netflix not streaming at full speed.

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Yes I know this is long, but I want to convey how much troubleshooting I've already done and avoid any unnecessary questions...


The player was purchased 11/2011, and for almost a year and a half, I've had no issues at all. A few weeks ago, I noticed Netflix was not streaming at full speed. It went from streaming around 10-15Mbps to now streaming <1Mbps. This happens all day long, so not just during peak usage hours. I should also note that Youtube streams full speed with no issues, and all the other apps on the player work fine. My laptop has no issues streaming wirelessly either. I have the player hard wired into a router fed from my 20Mbps cable internet connection. I basically went through every possible setting on the player and router (firmware updates, changed DNS and IP settings, QoS settings, etc.) including factory resetting both (multiple times). Also adjusted the video quality on my Netflix account to the lowest setting with no change. I contacted my ISP and the connection is fine; contacted Netflix, my account is set up fine and they are not performing maintenance of any kind; contacted Sony and they had me do all the troubleshooting steps I had already tried to no avail. The support tech I talked to said Sony does not host or serve any Netflix connection (although I've read otherwise) and was not sure on any upcoming firmware updates.


So after all this, I realized the one thing I didn't try was to bypass the router and plug the player directly into the modem. It worked! Netflix streamed full speed with no problems. So, at this point, of course, I bought a new router, replacing my old Linksys WRT54GL with a Netgear N150. Got the new router plugged in, factory reset the player (again) just to be thorough, fired up Netflix...and was back to streaming at <1Mbps. Even tried manually configuring the network settings on the player (again) just for fun, but no luck.


At this point, I'm very frustrated and all out of ideas. All this aside, I do like the player, and would hate to can the  thing, but this is my main Netflix interface, and my family uses it pretty much non stop. This has really been the first Sony product to disappoint me, and if I can't get it working, it will be the last. I'm at the end of my rope. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, tip, tricks...anything?



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Re: Sony BDP S380 - Netflix not streaming at full speed. WTF!

Hi hankjay,


Follow all the troubleshooting steps provided in the below link to resolve the issue and check the connection after each step.,47564,47606/c/65,66/kw/buffer


If my post answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution."

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Re: Sony BDP S380 - Netflix not streaming at full speed. WTF!


See my post under netflix streaming issue with bdp s390 on page 5. Nutshell is they changed my DNS numbers from Google/Google to Verizon/Google and said it should resolve, gave case number and said goodbye. Have been getting slghtly better performance, not been shut down yet, but doubt this is the final fix.

And still heard nothing from moderator Brian P.


Shopping for non Sony replacement

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Re: Sony BDP S380 - Netflix not streaming at full speed. WTF!



You just ended two days of sheer frustration with setting up my Netflix "capable" Sony Blu-Ray player.

I have tried every network configuration known to man, and it seems the issue all along is Sony and their poor streaming service via their Netflix traffic rerouting.

I'm returning my device, and making sure to rate this as the most aggrivating, frustrating and misleading device purchase I have ever made.

Why advertise Netflix capabilities, if your own servers bottleneck traffic so much, that streaming cannot be possible?

False advertising. BBB and my State Attorney General are next actions.

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Re: Sony BDP S380 - Netflix not streaming at full speed. WTF!

I have a BDP-S570 that I bought a few years ago. It never has worked well for streaming. I have two smart TVs , and a Netgear prime streaming device with Google TV built in. All of those devices have worked flawlessly and have NEVER BUFFERED! Only the Sony Blu-ray player buffers, and it does so much I can no longer enjoy watching movies on it. This is all due to Sony rerouting netflix's service through their own servers before sending it out to your player. I honestly don't know why Netflix allows this! Sony 'captures' everything you see on a sony branded device! I will never again buy anything with that name on it! The only reason I keep this piece of garbage hooked up now is for the occasional DVD or blu-ray movie I watch, but not for streaming.

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