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Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player

My Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player is broken. Last week it wouldn't eject because of the rogue "child lock" issue. I reset it over and over. I finally got the disc to eject and now it won't power on. I threw box and receipt away but I've only had this for a couple months. We have two Sony televisions and this is my second Bluray player. But this is pretty disappointing. Walmart won't take it back since I don't have the box but I think this software issue has me up a creek. Any help?

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Re: Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player

Hello derrickpurvis, thank you for your message. Welcome to SONY Community!


Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:


1. Make sure the power cord is securely connected to the player and plugged into a working electrical outlet.


IMPORTANT: After plugging the player into an electrical outlet for the first time, wait 10 seconds before trying to turn on the power.


2. Try turning on the power by pressing the POWER button on the front of the player.


NOTE: If the player turns on by pressing the POWER button on the front, but not with the remote control, then the batteries in the remote control may need to be replaced. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the infrared (IR) sensor on the player.


3. If the player is connected to the TV via HDMI® cable, disconnect the HDMI from the player and press the power button again on the unit. Once the unit is on, turn off the Control for HDMI from the System Settings menu.


4. If possible, try a different high speed HDMI cable


5. Try plugging the power cord into a different electrical outlet.


If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.


Hope this post helps you. 

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Re: Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player

None of that worked. 

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Re: Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player

Couple questions, if I'm reading your instructiosn correctly, how can I get into System Settings with the HDMI cable unplugged? I can't see content on the screen to do anything at all. 

Also, I would really like to figure out how to get a replacement as soon as possible. This unit is not very old at all and it's a little frustrating to so quickly be having issues with it.

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Re: Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player

Same model not even 3 months old, follow same steps with no positive result. I expected a better performance. Unit won't turn on, or if turns on remote freezes, i heard same reason, batteries, need to be replace, outlet etc No definite acknowledgement that unit is defective, obviously and needs to be replace.
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Re: Sony BDPS3700 Bluray Player

Hi Luna1030,


Welcome to the SONY Community!


We regret to hear that the troubleshooting steps failed to resolve the issue you had with the player. We recommend to contact our technical support team for further assistance. You may check out the link for more deatils:






If my post answers your question, please click the button below "Accept as Solution".

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