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Accepted Solution

Streaming Hulu Plus

Why does Hulu stream SO badly when Netflix and Amazon Prime are just fine? It is always causing buffering issues to the point that it is unwatchable.
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Re: Streaming Hulu Plus

[ Edited ]

Depending on the file size of the video clip you are watching, it is possible that some video may pause and go into buffering mode when playing. This does not normally occur with short video clips, but long video clips may require additional buffering time. It is generally caused by a slow Internet connection speed. Use Speed Test on to verify that the Internet connection meets the minimum required connection speed or higher.


The minimum recommended speed for huluPLUS™ Internet video service is as follows:

  • 1.0 mbps or greater is recommended as a minimum for playing standard definition (SD) content.
  • 3.0 mbps or greater is recommended as a minimum for high-definition (HD) content.
The Internet connection speed can vary for many reasons. Below are the most common causes:
  • Network Sharing
  • Wireless Connection Strength
  • Router Type
  • Connection to Your ISP

Click here for more details.


Does this happen on all HULU videos? Have you tried checking the same HULU videos on another Sony Internet device or on a computer which is using the same router?

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Registered: ‎11-10-2013

Re: Streaming Hulu Plus

It happens on most Hulu videos but at different times. Network connections and speed tests are fine. PC streaming also fine. Hulu through Sony's provisioning server is hit or miss (usual miss with constant buffering) when all other streaming services are fine (Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, etc.)
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Re: Streaming Hulu Plus

I have a similar problem. Hulu Plus plays fine for a short time and on all other devices well. But on Sony BDP S3100 it begins to repeat the same 2 minutes over and over until I get  a Playback Failure message. I have tried Total reset and several other options. Sony support refuses to address the issue.