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Registered: ‎02-13-2018
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UBP-X700 Lock up / Freeze issues

I just bought a Sony UBP-X700 4k HDR BD player at Best Buy.  So it is already available to the public even when the Sony site says that it has not been released.


The first unit was freezing at boot up, in several intervals, and making it impossible to finish the boot up, much less the initial setup.


I exchanged it for another unit.


The second unit completed the boot up with almost no issues, but the initial setup was little challenge due to the freezing/locking up.


The unit freezes momentarily when playing a BD, 4k BD, 4k HDR BD, or 4k/UHD content from apps such as YouTube.  No video or audio is sent to the output for about a second or two.


I read through the postings in this community looking for some suggestions and it seems that this BD player has the same lock up/freeze problems as the UBP-X800 and other models.  I was not aware that the UBP-X800 had so many issues until today that I was researching my UBP-X700 lock up/freeze issues.  Which, by the way are also present on a non 4k upscaler Sony BD that I also own (which I thought it was because it was a couple of years old).  I have tried all the suggestions for the UBP-X800 like replacing the HDMI cable, changing settings, even replacing the electrical outlet, to no avail.


The good news is that it seems to recognize and play 4k HDR BD discs, I played Blade Runner 20149 in 4k/UHD with HDR (HDR10).


I will try to get Sony support on this issue, and post an update.


Just thought all you guys need to know this before you rush to buy the UBP-X700.

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Registered: ‎02-04-2018
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Re: UBP-X700 Lock up / Freeze issues

This has been an issue since the UBP-X800. Sad to see that the issue persists even with the newer model that just came out!

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