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dlna server on bdp-s590

The server on my bdp-s590 has quit connecting to my computer. It has been working until recently. When selecting it from the home menu it goes to starting server screen, followed by try again later screen. I went to settings and tried connection server settings. I removed all servers and tried to update list. My computer no longer shows up on the list(my phone does show up and can connect with no problems). Running diagnostics returns the message that the phone server and the computer server successfully connects, with their MAC Addresses listed. Tried re-updating list still only shows phone server. I can push from the computer (Play to) to the player. And I can use my phone to play a video on the player from my computer. The phone and computer connect with each other, no problems what so ever. The players software is up to date according to network update. The computer is running Win7 and I am using Windows Media Player as a streamer. The S590 shows in the device list of WMP12 steaming options. I have rebooted the computer and the S590 and my router. I have disabled my firewall with no change. My player is wired to my network and both the player and computer are listed on the same network. I connected the player wirelessly to my network with no change. I have made no changes to the player software or computer system. Any ideas of what to try next?
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Re: dlna server on bdp-s590

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your BDP-S590 Does not have a built in server, meaning it does not set permissions or deny access as it only receives files from existing DLNA networks.

For more on DLNA and some setup guides and FAQs to help with troubleshooting, please review our
[url=]DLNA® Setup & FAQ Page[/url:1ljbzthj]

since you stated you are using WMP12 it is likely you will need to set the permission to allow the Blue ray player to see content from your computer, since you have stated that WMP sees the BD player.
[url=]Share your media in Windows Media Player with other people or devices[/url:1ljbzthj]

If you are having problems with WMP there are several DLNA servers out there if you cant get your permissions to allow the BD player to see it.
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Re: dlna server on bdp-s590

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Wrong thread. Post deleted

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