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Registered: ‎02-17-2013

help in setting up BDP-S185

Just got a BDP-S185 Blu-ray player & can't seem to get it set up correctly.  I have tried on 2 different TVs & used two HDMI cables also.  I do NOT have either TV conncted to the internet & cannot get the player to even start trying to read the BD disc I am attempting to play.  (Even read the instruction booklet a couple of times--to no avail).  Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: help in setting up BDP-S185

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Hello Richard,


Please provide additional details regarding the issue, such as:


Are you able to access the menu items on the TV display to which the Blu-ray player is connected?

Did you try playing back different BD/DVD discs in the player and checked if the issue is with all the discs?

Is the player working when using composite cable?

Is there any error message displayed on the front panel of the BD player or on the TV display while trying to playback a disc?


Thank you for your post.



Alos, endure that you are using the dedicated USB cable supplied with the Camcorder to connect it to the computer. If you are indeed using the supplied USB cable, then try connecting it to the different USB ports of the computer at a time. You may check with a different computer too.


If the issue still persists, please contact Sony technical support using the below link.


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