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Registered: ‎07-12-2017
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streaming problems

sony has had streaming problems with their blurays for years and to my knowledge have not figured it out yet.I have

a model BDP-S3200 which constantly buffers and somtimes stops completely.I have spent hours talking to sony and my isp each telling me its the others fault. tablets and laptops in the house work just fine its definately a problem with the player.this is what has been done so far.sometimes over and over and over.

                                                                               unplug ac and reboot(works sometimes)

                                                                                unplug and reboot router

                                                                                       (although this isnt the problem laptops and tablet work fine)

                                                                                bluray is hardwired to router

                                                                                called sony latest version is installed

                                                                                told me to reset to factory settings

                                                                                     reset system and network settings

                                                                                told me too many other units might be on

                                                                                          (nothing else is on)

                                                                                 unpluged from power strip and put directly into wall outlet

                                                                                 results-nothing has changed.still a pain in the ******.

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Registered: ‎07-18-2017
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Re: streaming problems

Right. Im having the same problem with My BDP-BX320. I trying to watch ANYTHING on netflix, and it stutters. CONSTANTLY. we'll be lucky if we can get netflix to stream 5 seconds of a movie without a stutter or a buffer. heck, sometimes it locks up completely and i have to pull the power from the back to reset. NONE of the other apps do this, Hulu works flawlessly, Youtube works flawlessly, Seems to only be the Netflux app. Ive tried lowering the resolution on the TV and The blu-ray device - still stutter/buffer. I honestly think Sony needs to check the Netflix app coding to see if there is a problem like a memory leak or something that causes this. at least throw up an update!!

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Registered: ‎07-12-2017
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Re: streaming problems

update to streaming problems- hooked up old samsung bluray player. Guess what. Netflix works fine.Only reason I don't use is because it only has 3 apps.and amazon isn't one of them.Sony has a problem with their players and won't acknowledge it.
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Re: streaming problems


Hi, Sony Community! 


Welcome and thank you for your messages. 


We are sorry to hear that you are having a streaming issue with your unit. The articles here will guide us on how to isolate and resolve this issue: 









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