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  • I’m a 3-year veteran of the Social Media Advanced Resolution team, also known as SMART. Working in customer service provides me with the opportunity to help individuals in need, every single day, which is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job. I look forward to engaging with everyone in the Community and being able to foster and promote a healthy relationship among all members, in a continued effort to provide the best customer experience possible. Sony products I dimply cannot live without include my Sony BRAVIA TV and my Sony PlayStation! Whether I am watching my favorite TV shows or playing my favorite video games,both products offer many hours of weekly entertainment! I also enjoy playing basketball and cooking. 

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Hi my name is Eileen and I’ve been working for Sony Electronics since 2006. I started working at Sony Mobile (formerly Sony Ericsson) back in 1996. It’s been a fast and fun-filled 15 years for me! I’ve worked in and around customer service over the years, and now I’m lucky enough to be part of the Social Media Team. I guess the Sony DNA runs in my blood... Read more about EileenP here.


I have two passions in life; I love to write and I love to learn. What better way to combine these two passions than to write a blog about Sony's products?! Tune in to learn something new, and to expand your knowledge of the devices I have the privilege of using, every day.

Posted by KevinK |  Sep 23, 2013

TV Comparison: Sony vs. Samsung

When you walk into a retail store to view the latest TVs, it’s hard to know whether or not the picture you are seeing displayed in front of you is how the TV will actually look when you take it out of the box and mount it on your wall at home. The settings can be changed to have the TV look differently, but with a Sony you never have to worry about this happening. Sony’s TVs are designed to provide consumers with the most accurate depiction of what you are seeing – as if you are right there on the field as the quarterback throws the ball downfield to one of his receivers, or like you’re sitting in the front row of a concert theater as your favorite band takes the stage.


Sony has developed a couple of unique technologies that allow their TVs to display such immersive details and sharp colors. To display this difference Sony has created a series of consumer-driven TV demo videos so they can show you how their TVs perform against top competitors. The first two videos in this series compare the Sony KDL55W802A with the Samsung UA55F7100AF. Both TVs, in both videos, are set to their original factory settings. The first of the two videos demonstrates how the KDL55W802A can display much fuller detail than its Samsung counterpart, while the second video shows how the KDL55W802A provides a much more accurate depiction of the colors that are being broadcast. 


The Detail Test:


Something that I always notice when watching a Sony TV is how well every detail is portrayed on the TV.  Whether it is mountains in the mist or a boat house off in the distance during twilight, a Sony TV always allows the consumer to see those details. They are never crushed out by a lack of varying black levels like so many other TV manufactures’ TVs seem to do. This is an incredibly important feature to me because I like to be able to see everything while I am watching my TV. I do not want to miss out on any details, and having a Sony TV ensures that I never will. This testimony is perfectly displayed by the detail test video that Sony has uploaded to their SonyListens YouTube page. In this video, a picture of a tower is featured. On the KDL55W802A, you can see the immaculate detail of the structure. To really see this difference look at the triangles of the trusses when the picture is displayed on the KDL55W802A compared to the same image on Samsung’s UA55F7100AF. On the Samsung the same picture looks washed out and blurry. A great way to see this loss of detail is to look at the top of the tower in the picture and see how, when displayed on the Sony, you can see all of the details of the trusses from the top to the bottom of the image. This is in stark contrast to Samsung’s TV where the higher up you look at the tower in the picture, the greater the loss of detail. Sony’s ability to depict much sharper and accurate details is a result of their X-Reality Pro engine. The X-Reality™ PRO engine gives Sony TVs the ability to show better detail and much crisper lines. The X-Reality™ PRO engine is Sony’s latest generation picture engine and was designed to allow the TV to clean and refine images while using rich colors and high contrast to produce life-like content. The results are unquestionable. Sony’s KDL55W802A with X-Reality™ PRO processor engine clearly allows the TV to display much richer and fuller details than its Samsung competitor, the UA55F7100AF.  


The Color Test:


Colors are everywhere you look. Everything in the world has a distinct color. Whether it is the vibrant pink of a flamingo or the dark brown of an old oak tree, it is impossible to even take a step outside of your home without being exposed to a wide array of different colors. Colors can affect the way you feel about something or even cause a certain emotion to arise when you least expect it. Since color is such an important aspect of everyday life, don’t you think that it is important that your TV accurately depicts every color that you are seeing? Sony certainly does, and that is why they have focused on providing the consumer with the most accurate depiction of color that can be found on a TV. The color test video demonstrates perfectly how Sony’s TVs are able to display much better color than their Samsung counterpart. With a Sony TV, you do not need to worry about the colors of the picture you are viewing being oversaturated – whereas with a Samsung that is not always the case. The color test video displays this perfectly by the color-blind test that is done. On the Sony TV, you can clearly see the words “color blind” written on the screen. On the Samsung TV, you cannot see the words “color blind” written on the screen. This is because the Sony TV is able to display many different shades of the same color, while the Samsung does not. In this particular instance, the Sony TV is displaying three different shades of red, while the Samsung TV is only displaying one shade of red. The result is that you can clearly see the words “color blind” written on the Sony TV, but not on the Samsung. This is a result of the Samsung TV oversaturating the colors. A Sony TV does not oversaturate colors and a as result can produce an image with much more accurate details right out of the box, with no professional calibration needed.  That is important considering a professional calibration can often increase cost by $200 or more. Being able to see an accurate depiction of colors while watching TV is very important and with Sony you never have to worry that what you are seeing will not be depicted correctly. 


These videos do a great job of displaying how Sony’s TV can outperform Samsung’s in terms of color and detail. Sony does not want you to take their word for it though; they want you to try it for yourself so you can prove their claims! Below each video on the YouTube site, there is a link to download the material demonstrated in the video so you can do the test for yourself.


If you are interested in viewing Sony’s latest lines of TV’s you can always visit a Sony Store location nearest you - here' sthe directory: In my opinion, when you step in to Sony, you will not be disappointed.  

by HimanshuSID Enthusiast
on ‎10-24-2013 11:01 PM

that really helps.


by iMIAHi Rookie
on ‎11-13-2013 06:20 PM

Complete utter BS!

Picture quality meh, you need features that also play a huge part for customers that purchase TV's these day.


I have to say Sony is NOT a brand that I would trust any more (since the good old time during the 1990's era). Marjor downside regarding to Sony TVs is;


  • Software
  • Support
  • Features for Price


Problem 1 (Motion Blur)

For example most of the 2013  TV models suffer from motion blur but yet there is NO sort of option in order to eliminate some blur or completetly turn off the Motionflow XR which is awful when it comes to gaming or fast paced movies (Blu-ray). However when selecting different modes eg Cinema, Game, Sports not any sort of major difference. What's point in having awesome picture quality when they actually suffer from motion blur which isn't pleasing to the eyes!


Problem 2 (Software)

The software side from Sony is pants! Day by day it's getting worse. The UI on Sony TVs is just awful. Have a look at LG/SAMSUNG they offer far better and easier to use UI. Now when it comes to software update or support this is where Sony lacks big time. Same goes for the Xperia devices! This is one appauling department in Sony! Sony needs to wake up and revamp the UI!


Problem 3 (Overpriced)

Overpriced and not worth the money!

Look at Sony products there are overpriced compared to the competitors such as LG/SAMSUNG and have less features!


Problem 4 (Codec/Features)

Sony TVs these days are not worth paying for.

  • Competitors such as LG/SAMSUNG offer more features for a better price! For example the Sony KDL-40R473A doesn't even stand a chance against Samsung UE42F5000AKXXU yet the Sony model cost more! The SAMSUNG model has more features! (cough light sensor missing on Sony TV to start off with).
  • Sony TV's have problem playing majority of movie files this even goes for support for subtitles too via USB playback.
  • Limited aspect ratio support for USB playback!
  • Limited options for tweaking settings eg different modes hardly make any difference.

I can go on with the list...


Problem 5 (Market Research)

This is where Sony hasn't got a single clue! Why would you release several TVs with good/great pricture quality and not focus on motion blur/software/features etc? People these days want TV's that tick the following boxes;

  • Picture Quality
  • Features (eg motion blur removed)
  • Price
  • Software/UI
  • Support

Only thing that Sony ticks the box is regards to picture quality and everything else is just ignored! 

I for one have a feeling Sony will NOT exist in TV market by 2020 as the company will be vanished just like Hitachi! 


Sony don't listen to the customers nor offer any suitable help, the support is becoming lame these days. Products these days from Sony are overpriced with limited features and in most cases are appauling. Software side is a major downside it's like if someone working at Sony mentions software update, he/she probably get's thrown out of the window! Regarding software, majority of your products suffer hugely from this for example Bravia TV's, Xperia and your Sony UK website (404 Error). 


I for one have lost faith in Sony!

Sony PS4 I will give a miss too, it's Microsoft Xbox One for me!




by iMIAHi Rookie
on ‎11-13-2013 06:29 PM

Forgot to mention also...


TV features:

  • The X-Reality™ PRO
  • MotionFlow XR

are useless!


Not related to TV's but gives you an idea! Soundbars by Sony are overpriced and for cheaper price you can get LG/SAMSUNG sound bars with more power and features! Totally shocking from Sony. Look at Xperia devices all have poor displays apart from the flagship devcies. 


NO match against LG/SAMSUNG when it comes to;



Should have given me a job at Sony, would have done a better job at testing TV's, designing UI, approving features etc

by balancedphoto Enthusiast
on ‎11-14-2013 08:59 AM

I don't get it...

How is Sony more expensive than Samsung????

Go to ANY best buy store for example and you'll see that 

Sony 50R550a is less expensive than the Samsung 50F6400...

Also goes for the Sony 55w900a ($1999.99) vs Samsung 55F8000 ($2499.99)

Sony 55w802a ($1499.99) vs Samsung 55F7100 ($1599.99)


THESE PRICES ARE AS OF 11/14/2013...



by ricman Rookie
on ‎01-06-2014 12:20 PM

imiahi is right nowadays people are getting terms of quality and reliability samsung and Lg is not far if not equal...remember that even sony outsource parts from other manufacturers like lcd panels for tv and laptops, hardisk and memory for their vaio laptops. look at their vaio laptops for the same specs you can buy a better quality asus, samsung or toshiba brand at a lesser price with better build quality. vaio is priced like an apple products..the priced given is misleading also the model comparison is wrong samsung f6400 is compared to r550? looking at the specs it must be w670 or w700 i think.  yes sony is one of the best in their highest line up of products but when on the middle and lower line ups i think they should be competitive if they want to stay. they should listen

by alexander_0907 Enthusiast
on ‎10-18-2014 07:16 PM

I think I'll walk into a retail store, and carefully compare the different TVs.

by JCott Rookie
on ‎04-29-2015 01:40 AM

It's one thing when you compare manufacturer due to what they offer, but there's another equally important  aspect (often overlooked): customer service. In my opinion good service sometimes makes a bigger purchase decision....cheers