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Registered: ‎09-02-2016
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4k looks grainy any tips for best res?

Hi. When shooting with my Sony fdr-ax53 and looking at the footage at My Pc in the picture apps it looks very grainy.


I have not used the 4k too much, mostly in HD. As I have a bought a new PC, MSI GT73 VR 7RE, which is powerful, I wanted to give the 4k res a chance and see the results. I went outside (daylight, a bit late at day - rainy) and did some sample shots. When opening it in Windows pictures app, it looks very grainy? 


That said, I had set everything to auto. How do I accomplish a good resolution? Is it the fact that I do not have a 4k screen that make my footage seem grainy? Or my cam settings? (50 fps)? How do I achieve the best result? Is it my pc (not having a 4k screen) that upscale the video, or is it simply me that have not the right settings? BTW - I shot it hand held, with autofocus. 


Thanx a lot for advices - and preferrably a "step by step" instruction to get the best result. In average light. Thanx.  


My pc: MSI GT73VR



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Re: 4k looks grainy any tips for best res?

Watch some youtube videos made with the camera and compare.

You probably changed some setting and don't realize it.

Your PC should display it fine. Hopefully you've gone to and downloaded the latest graphics drivers. Try that first if you haven't.

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Re: 4k looks grainy any tips for best res?

I have the same camera and have realized that if I am fully zoomed in on my subject (in both HD and 4K), the image is grainy.  I think this is due to digital zoom being engaged, to 30 times in 4K and 40 times in HD.  This is a 20 times camera optically, so anything higher in power is digital and results in a grainy image.  It would be nice if this camera indicated in the zoom display when digital zoom was being engaged, similar to Panasonic cameras that show a different color on the zoom display when in digital mode.  I believe you can disable this digital zoom by setting the Steady Shot to Standard or Off and thereby limit the zoom capability to 20 times.  But image stabilization will suffer.  I like to shoot on Intelligent Active stabilization.  I suggest you test it out.  

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