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Registered: ‎09-12-2017
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CCD-TRV608 Motor noise is louder than it used to be

I have a Sony CCD-TRV608 (and some Brand New Hi-8 tapes) and want to use it again. However, the motor noise one day decided to be louder than it used to be and it ruins the audio of all clips with the "chugga-chugga" type noise more pronounced like this.


I did notice if I place hands against the tape compartment gently (though snugly) the noise is muffled/quieted a bit, so... is it a loose compartment or is there something that causes this internally (like a mechanism that needs to be repositioned, or oiled?)  How would I go about having this fixed?  I want to shoot some video on the Hi-8 tapes at some point because the quality is pretty good still.  Lemme know,


- Croc

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Re: CCD-TRV608 Motor noise is louder than it used to be

If you can find a repair manual then that might be your best bet.  Oiling an internal component would be a risky proposition.  It would probably cost much less to find a used one than to get the one you have repaired.  Is there enough of a gap between the tape mechanism door and the body of the camcorder to slide in a piece of paper or a credit card?  If yes, you might want to find out how to "tighten" or close the gap between the two before doing anything more drastic. 

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