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Accepted Solution

Camcorder to transfer video tapes 8mm Hi8 to DVD

What better models of camcorder CCD-TRV Hi8 or DCR-TRV Hi8 (stereo) can I use to transfer to DVD many video cassettes 8mm Hi8 recorded in a CCD-TR805 Hi8? I hope your prompt help. Thank you.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

Re: Camcorder to transfer video tapes 8mm Hi8 to DVD

Any of Sony's older range of Hi8 products, both camcorders or standalone decks should do a great job. However, if your original camcorder is in good working order you should be able to do a direct real time transfer without having to purchase any additional playback equipment.

Any camcorder that does not have a USB or i-Link output can be hooked up via RCA video and audio out jacks to a TV capture card input on your computer. You can record the output in real time and then create DVDs with the software on your computer. You could also use a DVDirect DVD Recorder such as the VRD-MC6 to record the output straight onto a DVD without a computer.