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Registered: ‎10-11-2017
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Charging my Sony VX2000e

Hi there, just got my Sony VX2000e yesterday and last night I was getting it setup and doing my custom presets and everything was working fine.

I put in a FP960 battery as this was the bigger out of the two batteries I received and tried charging it. Turned it off and then put the charger in and a battery icon appeared on the side but it had no timer on it.

I left it on charge all night and when I woke up and unplugged it it further wouldn't turn on without haven't the charger in, and the battery wasn't charged, but it had 1 small power bar on the side inside the battery icon when it was charging when I woke up.

Also, when I woke up the battery display on the side was blinking off and on.

Is there any settings I need to press? Or do I need to have a cassette in it whilst it's charging? please help and ask my any further questions as I'm unsure on how to charge the camera
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-11-2017
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Re: Charging my Sony VX2000e

Just like to add that the batteries haven't been used for a number of years if this helps
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Re: Charging my Sony VX2000e

If the battery has not been used in a number of years it is possible the battery is dead and will no longer hold a charge.  Was the battery attached to the camcorder during storage?  I only ask because that will shorten the life of the battery.  The batteries need to be charged and discharged from time to time when in long-term storage.

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