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DCR-HC38, cassette compartment won't close

I am unable to get the cassette compartment to close on my HandyCam. The compartment is supposed to close automatically when you push on the door, but it stopped working. Plus, when I turn the power on, I get an error message saying "re-attach the power source". Any help would be appreciated...

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Re: DCR-HC38, cassette compartment won't close

Thank you for your post.
Reset the camcorder by pressing the RESET button (open LCD screen, small hole above the speaker) using a sharp-pointed object. Ensure there isn’t foreign debris on the compartment mechanism. If the issue persists, the camcorder will need service, please visit our eSupport website for repair options:
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: DCR-HC38, cassette compartment won't close

Looking for some advice. I currently have the DCR-HC38...however the cassette drive no longer closes. Sending it in for repair would cost over $100, so I'm thinking it would be best to upgrade instead; especially since I could get a pretty nice HD upgrade for around $200 or so.

The only caveat is that I still need to download some of my videos, therefore I still need a camcorder with a MiniDV cassette drive (at least temporarily until everything is downloaded. I'm leaning towards buying a cheap used MiniDV camcorder just for downloading...and then ultimately buying an upgrade with a harddrive.

Does this sound like a good approach? Also, would any sony model work for downloading my cassettes? (I.e. if the recording was done with an HC38, but downloaded using a HC30 for example, would the video quality be worse...or is the video quality only dependent on the recording itself?). Hope that question makes sense...

Any feedback would be appreciated...thanks!

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