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DCR-SR68 HDD Format Error Msg

Opon powering up device a message on video screen reads: HDD FORMAT ERROR. At this point device is rendered unusable. Is there any way to solve this issue?? thx
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: DCR-SR68 HDD Format Error Msg

Hello RoyS,

Welcome to the Users Discussion Forums.
You can try to format the HDD and see if it might help you. Please see the instructions on page 67 from the DCR-SR68 handbook.
NOTE: This will delete all the data in the internal recording media. To avoid the loss of important images/videos, you should save them before formatting the HDD.
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Re: DCR-SR68 HDD Format Error Msg



After recording today, I plugged my Sony dcr-sr68 into my computer to download and all the movies popped up (even from last year)

The dates were messed up and so I unplugged it to check the dates, plugged it back in and for the first time get the message "HDD Formatting Error"

I know how to format but how can I first save all of my files?  It won't allow me to do anything but just keeps saying there is a formatting error.  Please help me save my files first.


Thank you!

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Re: DCR-SR68 HDD Format Error Msg

My sony sr68 displays HDD format error and internal hard drive not recognized.plz help me to solve htis error.whts the reason ?some of my friend says Internal hard drive always keep that thrue .thanx

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Re: DCR-SR68 HDD Format Error Msg

There are third-party software that may be able to recover the files for you. In addition, customers in the US can get in touch with Sony Media Services for assistance with professional back-up.


Once recovered, formatting the hard drive and resetting the unit should resolve the issue. Otherwise, service will be required.

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