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Grainy Video Quality with dark backdrop - CX-675

I'm trying to figure out how to correct very grainy image quality on my Handycam CX-675.


And another with a very dark backdrop and only lighting on myself talking to the camera.  Both end up with pretty grainy image quality but the dark backdrop one is VERY grainy.  So much so that it is unwatchable in my opinion.

Currently I am just setting on Auto settings and letting it go.  I discussed this wtih a friend who went to school for photography and she recommended ISO changes and other adjustments I cannot make with this camera.  Can anyone give me pointers on how to manually improve the iamge quality?    I shoot on a brighter grey background for another channel and the auto settings work pretty well in that well lit High Key scenario. 



Example footage:

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Re: Grainy Video Quality with dark backdrop - CX-675

Have a look at the online User Guide and search "manual settings".  There is a list of things you can change and what menu options to use to change them.  It seems that the right combination of shutter speed, ISO (probably Exposure in the menu) and IRIS settings would help.  The higher the ISO settings in low-light situations will introduce more grain.  The only way to get it the way you want it is to eperiment with the aforementioned settings until you like what you see.  I could be wrong but it might not hurt to avoid background with a lot of vertical or horizontal lines.  Looks like the blocks would be fine but a lot of lines will probably through off anything using auto settings.

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