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How to convert analog video to digital using AV-DV

I want to convert my analog Hi8 tapes using a Sharp VL-AHl50U to digital using the digital convert function on my Sony DCR-PC350. In theory the analog signals will be converted to digital as it "passes through" my Sony digital camcorder and is transferred to my computer for editing. I understand how to change my setting to A/V-DV "ON" so that the signal will be converted and output. What I am having trouble with is HOW to connect the two camcorders together! My cable is an AV cable with one prong (not sure what is is called) and the other end is the three RDA type with the red, white, and yellow prongs. However, both my Sharp analog and the Sony digital camcorder have one hole. Using only the yellow prong the concept works but I have no picture or sound on my computer. How do I connect these two camcorders together so the digital pass through will work correctly?
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Re: How to convert analog video to digital using AV-DV

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Per the Marketing specifications of your Camcorder
Convert and/or record any analog NTSC video source to digital video via the analog inputs. ... gs0019.jpg

Analog NTSC video can also be passed through the digital Handycam camcorder directly into a PC via the i.LINK® interface in real-time for easy PC editing of your analog footage.

If your Sharp does not have Yellow for Video and Red and white for Audio then the only other supported option is the i. Link (IEEEE 1394 4pin)

once on your DCR-PC350 here are the instructions to transfer to your computer. ... 5&fes=true