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NP-FH100 and NP-FV100 Batteries

I have an HRD-SR11 camcorder that uses an NP-FH100 battery. Sony no longer sells this battery. New model is NP-FV100 (Cost = $160). According to Sony website, the NP-FV100 battery is compatible with the HDR-SR11 camcorder. I'm considering buying the HDR-PJ50V camcorder which uses the NP-FV100 battery. All specs (including dimensions) of the batteries are the same: Capacity 3,900 mah; Output (mean) 6.8 volts; Output (max) 8.4 volts. Also, Sony site says that new travel charger (BC-TRV) will charge all V, P, and H series batteries. This leads me to believe that the NP-FH100 (older) battery can be used with the HDR-PJ50V and other new model camcorders. Anyone out there used an NP-FH battery with one of the new HD camcorders? Thanks.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: NP-FH100 and NP-FV100 Batteries

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum,
Technically the NP-FH100 Battery pack met the HDR-PJ50V camcorder power requirements. However, the NP-FH100 will not fit on the HDR-SR11 battery slot. The NP-FV100 battery pack definitely works with your older camcorder as well as the HDR-PJ50V model.

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