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Tuning Up
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Accepted Solution

PMB and windows 8

I tried to install the PMB fo my DCR-DVD108 handy cam. Windows 8 says it won't run it. (In a rather uppity sort of way)  Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: PMB and windows 8

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Hi Tony,


Only the PMB version 5.8 and above is compatible with Windows 8. When installing from the website, the version of PMB supplied with the Camcorder get’s installed.


Try using the PlayMemories Home (PMH) software.

You can download the PMH Software from the below link.


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Tuning Up
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Re: PMB and windows 8

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There is a bit of a work around to use an earlier version of PMB using windows 8. I loaded PMB Version 5.2 onto my laptop running Windows 8, and the program installed ok until it got to the stage where PMB had to analyse the video files on my computer. The program just hung and did nothing.


After a bit of searching the net, I associated the program with Windows XP SP3 and the program finished the installation just fine.


So here is what I did:


1. I installed the program from the CD I had.

2. The program installed up to the step where it was  trying to "analyze current video environment"

3. Close the program (You may have to do this through the task manager)

4. Go to the Desktop shortcut to launch PMB (be sure to tick add desktop shortcut when installing the program)

5. Right click on the shortcut icon and choose properties

6. Under properties choose compatibility" see this picture:

7. Choose Windows XP Service Pack 3

8. Click OK

9. Relaunch PMB from the desktop icon and the program launched and now runs perfectly.


Tuning Up
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Re: PMB and windows 8

Thanks, it worked perfectly with no hitches. Thanks again!



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Re: PMB and windows 8

Hi dougbeckers,


Awesome!  I have been beating my head against the wall until I discovered your suggestion today and it worked PERFECTLY! Smiley Very Happy


Thanks and regards,