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Sony DCR-SR300 Missing Files

Hoping someone out there can help me recover my video files. About 3 years ago, I took a bunch of video of a special event. I thought I had downloaded this video to my PC, but apparently not. Upon discovering this, I wanted to look at the video and tried to play it directly on the camera LCD. Unfortunately, the camera LCD menu thumbnail shows a broken chain link where this video used to be. It shows the correct date, etc, but when I try to play the video it reports "No applicable files available". At first I was concerned that the camera may have overwritten the files to free up more space, but the disk actually has 25 of 40 gb free. I tried a file recovery program, but it can't find any deleted or corrupt files.

Any ideas as to what happened to these files and how I can recover them? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: Sony DCR-SR300 Missing Files

I am also getting a 'No applicable files available' message on my HDR-SR11 camcorder. I can see the .mts files on the internal hard drive of the camera, when I USB connect it to my Macbook Pro laptop.

On the camcorder visual index, I see the videos I'm looking for but when I push to select the video, I get the 'No applicable files available' message.

I've even transferred all the video including all the folders that appear on the camera's HD, then erased everything on the camera and re-transferred the the files back onto the camera. Still no luck with this one set of videos.

There were some other videos shot both before and after the videos I'm trying to playback. The other videos are playing back with no trouble.

I'm able to convert the 'missing' videos directly off the camera with
a program called Wondershare Video Converter, so I know the files
on the camera contain the media. Could it be that there is some sort of file directory that's not communicating with the camera to direct it to the video clip?

Sony, any insight?

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Re: Sony DCR-SR300 Missing Files

You may try Sony camera data recovery software, see this guide


hope this helps.

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Re: Sony DCR-SR300 Missing Files

Good day everyone,


To USER-951643 and USER-965429, i regret to hear about the videos that can no longer be accessed. Based on the symptoms you provided it seems that the files are corrupted. These files can be recovered by a professional but there's no 100% guarantee everything will be recovered. You can check out Sony's Media experts at


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